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Post-Plane Skincare Essentials with ESPA

Post-Plane Skincare

With holiday season in full swing, it is important to give your skin that extra bit of TLC to fight off the effects of travelling. From dehydration to puffiness and tiredness, these ESPA post-plane essentials can help combat any of your travelling skin woes.  

ESPA Cryotherapy Globes RRP £55.00 

ESPA’s Cryo Globes offer the refreshing benefits of skin icing for refreshed, stimulated feeling skin. Revered as a crucial component of cold therapy treatments to promote wellbeing, these cooling globes soothe and invigorate for revitalised skin. Helping skin to feel lifted, tightened, and less tense through pressure, icy temperature, and massage movement. Made from hygienic stainless steel and simple to use, the globes glide effortlessly over the contours of your face. This offers a cooling sensation to the skin whilst clearing the mind for a holistic exhale. 

ESPA Nourishing Lip Treatment RRP £21.00 

A hydrating and protective treatment oil to combat the first signs of dehydration for soft lips. Indian Gentian Leaves help smooth, while plumping hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Root boost moisture and help minimise the appearance of fine lines. 

ESPA Isotonic Hydration Mask  RRP £15.00  

A quick and easy way to revitalise dry, dull skin that might be feeling the effects of hectic schedules, travel or air conditioning. Vegetable Taurine and stimulating Guarana help fortify the complexion, while a Spirulina ferment helps to protect against dehydration. 

ESPA Soothing Atmosphere Mist RRP £25.00 

Simply mist on linens, in the air, on your body, or anywhere in your space. The Soothing Atmosphere Mist compliments a moment of peace and an atmosphere of calm to quiet busy bodies and minds. 

ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser RRP £42.00  

A deeply nourishing and hydrating eye cream that supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Ginkgo Biloba helps protect the skin barrier, aiding a blemish free appearance. Nourishing Evening Primrose and Jojoba also work to deeply moisturise leaving skin around the eyes smooth and refreshed. 

ESPA Optimal Skin Cleansing Oil RRP £32.00  

ESPA’s Optimal Skin Pro Cleansing Oil nourishes, purifies, and removes daily impurities. A silky oil to milk texture, the perfect first step in a double-cleanse routine.  Lipid-rich botanical oils bring you supple, softened skin whilst cleansing. Antioxidants and green coffee seed awaken leave the complexion looking fresh, radiant, and healthy.  Like all of ESPA’s Optimal Skin Pro favourites, this cleansing oil features our Omega + Vitamin Complex for additional moisture and vitality. 

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