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Boost your mood with a colourful trip to San Juan

San Juan

As the doom and gloom of the UK winter seem to drag on endlessly, visitors can have the ultimate dopamine boost with a trip to Puerto Rico’s vibrant capital city, San Juan. 

The growing trend of dopamine travel involves the theory that bright, bold colours can have a strong and immediate impact on people’s mood, making a trip immersed in colour perfect for those looking for an emotional uplift.

UK travellers don’t have to look any further than Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, which is a vibrant cocktail of Taíno Indian, African and European heritage teeming with Boricua charm and renowned for being one of the most colourful cities in the Caribbean.

As the second-oldest European-founded city in the Americas, San Juan is the beating heart of Puerto Rico and is soaked in colour to represent the liveliness of its locals. Strolling the streets of San Juan, travellers will discover old-world Spanish architecture mixed with tropical Caribbean hues, passing streets lined by rows of colourful apartments and lush palm trees.

In Old San Juan, travellers can wander the centuries-old blue cobblestone streets, passing a rainbow of brightly coloured historic buildings on every street. Located on Fortaleza Street, travellers can walk down Paseo de Sombrillas, where bright and vibrant umbrellas hang from above. Paseo de Sombrillas was first installed in Puerto Rico’s capital in 2017 after the devastating Hurricane Maria.

The radiant umbrellas were made to signify the resilience of the island’s people and their ability to overcome any challenge put in front of them. Over the years, Paseo de Sombrillas has become a place of enjoyment and memories for both tourists and locals alike. For more information, visit 

Get there: Travelbag offers six nights in the San Juan for £1,216 per person based on two people sharing and selected departures in June. Price includes return flights and six nights of accommodation at the four-star Doubletree by Hilton San Juan Hotel. To book visit

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