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How To Pack Your Carry-On Luggage Like A Pro

How To Pack Your Carry-On Like A Pro

With summer holidays in full swing, you can save a lot of stress by maximising the space and minimising the weight of your suitcase–especially if you travel often. 

That’s why the team at WeThrift have shared their top tips on how to pack your carry-on luggage like a pro and have a stress-free flight. 

  1. Wear your heaviest clothing to the airport 

Instead of packing your bulkiest clothing items into your carry-on luggage, wear these to the airport instead. By doing this you will save adding extra weight to your hand luggage, and its known that places can get cold now and again so it’s a good idea to have extra layers to hand. 

  1. Arrange your clothing using the layer method 

When it comes to packing, the trick is to start with your softer, smaller items (such as your socks and underwear) first and place these at the bottom of your carry-on. Next, stack your longer items like your trousers on top – by folding these in half you can save more room. 

The third layer should be dedicated to your larger items, such as jumpers, shirts and dresses. When it comes to your shoes and belts, see if you can place these around the perimeter of the bag to make sure they take up as little room as possible. 

  1. Utilise compartments to keep small items safe 

If your carry-on has several compartments, use these as a clever way to organise your wardrobe essentials and save room. For example, if there is a zip compartment at the bottom of your carry-on luggage, you may want to dedicate this space to your smaller items. You could alternatively use this space for your electrics or toiletries. 

Doing this will also give you a good idea of where everything is, so you can unpack without the fuss when you get to your destination. 

Top tip: If you are dealing with jewellery, it would be a good idea to thread any necklaces you intend to take through a straw to prevent these pieces from getting tangled. 

To do this, thread one end of the chain through a straw before closing up the necklace. This technique will keep your beloved accessories in order.

  1. Invest in mini luggage cubes

If your suitcase doesn’t have any compartments, or you just want that extra bit of organisation, it would be handy to invest in mini luggage cubes. 

You can have individual cubes for your toiletries, daywear, nightwear, beachwear. Packing away your items in these little bags will also make room for the bulkier items you want to take. 

  1. Roll AND fold clothing to protect your delicates 

The roll and fold technique will help you maximise space in your carry on. It’s important to only roll your softer garments, such as your underwear, t-shirts, cotton trousers and knitwear, to avoid unwanted wrinkles within hard to iron fabrics. 

TikTok user ‘higirltravels’  shows viewers how the method helps maximise space in the carry-on. 

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