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The Ultimate Brits’ European Travel Bucket List 

European Travel Bucket List

To help you decide on the best destination to travel to next, Iceland’s flagship airline, Icelandair has identified the top 20 most popular cities in Europe that Brits’ dream of visiting. Looking at data scraped from Statista, Instagram, Twitter and Reddit, the team has analysed and ranked the cities based on the highest scores. 

The UK’s Ultimate European Travel Bucket List:

Ranking Cities Country Reddit score Instagram score Twitter Score Search popularity score Overall score 
1Rome Italy 961001008294
2Brussels Belgium 8696969693
3ParisFrance 8291919189
4AmsterdamNetherlands 100467710081
5DublinRepublic of Ireland 9159467367
6HamburgGermany 5577775065
8Budapest Hungary7359465057
10SofiaBulgaria 684615041
11Vienna Austria5041463242
13Salzburg Austria235468239
14BerlinGermany 4632463239
16AthensGreece 362346126
17BernSwitzerland 553211826
20WarsawPoland 36515023

The UK’s Top Five European Bucket List Destinations 2022: Rome (Italy), Brussels (Belgium), Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland).

  1. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy, also known as the Eternal City, is small enough to walk around in one day, making it a great weekend getaway. But that’s not to say there isn’t more than enough to do and see. 

The whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site steeped with some of the world’s most famous fountains, architecture and churches, as well as home to the Colosseum and many works of Michelangelo.

The mild climate makes for a comfortable visit and means the sights can be enjoyed all year round. Not to mention the gelato and roman pizza. 

Best time of year to visit: Mid-March to May and September to November

Temperature: Hottest month 25.5°C (July), coldest month 8°C (Jan)

Cheapest Time of year to visit September to February  

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium, also known as the political heart of Europe, is home to legendary jazz clubs, comic-book street art and quirky flea markets. All of this alongside the must-see museums, architecture, and famous statues, means there is something for everyone. 

Home to not only the best Belgian waffles, famous frites and chocolate you can imagine, but most importantly the infamous beer. With an abundance of green space, there is plenty of scenery to take in while walking it off. 

Best time of year to visit: March to May and September to October 

Temperature: Hottest month 17.5°C (July), coldest month 2.5°C (February)

Cheapest Time of year to visit: Early November 

  1. Paris, France

Paris, the capital of France, has been dubbed the most romantic city in the world and in the words of Audrey Hepburn, ‘is always a good idea’.

Packed with landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral, the city is world-renowned and un-surprisingly so home to the Mona Lisa. 

Parisian cafés line the streets, with café culture engrained within their society and the luxury of high-end department stores merged with the flea market’s vintage finds, Paris is a shopper’s paradise (on every budget).

Best time of year to visit: April to June and October to early November

Temperature: Hottest month 20°C (July), coldest month 25°C (February)

Cheapest Time of year to visit: Mid January 

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands, is nicknamed the ‘Venice of the North’ for the beauty of its canals. Many tourists take a canal cruise, while for the Dutch, the canals are one of their everyday ways of getting around, as well as by bicycle. Famously, highway rules favour cyclists, and it is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

The Dutch capital has an impressive contemporary art scene and some of the best art galleries and museums in Europe, thanks to Amsterdam’s steep history. The Dutch are welcoming, creative and relaxed and the nightlife won’t disappoint regardless of if you want a few quiet beers or a wild club night.  

Best time of year to visit: April or September 

Temperature: Hottest month 16°C (July), coldest month 2°C (January)

Cheapest Time of year to visit: November, January and February

  1. Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Dublin, the charming capital of Ireland takes it’s spot in the top five. Although a small city, Dublin is bursting with character and is known worldwide. 

Home to some of the most prolific writers in the world to have lived, including Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, the city is steeped in history as well as being home to ‘the black stuff’, otherwise known as the best Guinness to be served worldwide and entrenched in the Irish culture. 

As well as the many free musuems and galleries there are to visit, traditional live music is played most nights in many of the local pubs and Dubliners are said to be some of Europe’s friendliest.

Best time of year to visit: June to August

Temperature: Hottest month 15.5°C (July), coldest month 5°C (January)

Cheapest Time of year to visit: January to February

Also, making the list is Iceland! 

19. Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital, is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts on the lookout for unforgettable views, natural wonders, and marine wildlife to spot. Iceland offers volcanoes, waterfalls, fjords and the opportunity to go whale watching, followed by bathing in one of the infamous Icelandic Geothermal baths.

Most famously, tourists flock from all over the world to gaze at the northern lights. The natural light display is visible throughout the winter, most notably between September and March. Tourists also speak of the infamous Icelandic Geothermal baths all over the world. Not only are the natural wonders all Iceland has to offer, but the cultural city also offers museums, top art galleries and an array of intricately coloured houses as well as great nightlife.

Best time of year to visit: July and August 

Temperature: Hottest month 11°C (July), coldest month 0°C (January)

Cheapest Time of year to visit: September to November and January to May

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