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toxic houseplants
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Flower experts reveal the toxic houseplants to look out for in your home this summer

Summer is right around the corner and as the days get lighter and brighter many are inspired to make the most of the growing season and bring greenery inside, however it’s crucial to be aware of any potential dangers lurking in your leafy houseplants, to protect ourselves, and our pets, from adverse reactions.


Experience Italian Elegance with Palazzo di Varignana Luxury Villas

Set amidst the captivating landscapes of Motor Valley and Food Valley, Palazzo di Varignana is a sophisticated retreat surrounded by the art cities of Bologna, Ravenna, and the charming village of Dozza, each area offering a unique, rich and authentically Italian charm for guests to immerse themselves in.

Michelin Star Restaurants In Europe
Food & Drink Travel

Foodie Travel: The Highest-Rated Michelin Star Restaurants In Europe

One of the best parts about travelling is getting to experience the local food, and Europe is a treasure trove of delicious delicacies waiting to be discovered. For those looking to indulge in a luxurious experience, visiting a Michelin Star restaurant can be the highlight of any trip. But which country has the best?