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Interlinked Smoke Alarms: Should There Be One in Every Room?

There was a time when smoke alarms were standalone devices. If one went off, it would sound like a loud alarm in the house until it was turned off. These days, however, many homes have interlinked smoke alarms. This means that if one alarm goes off, they all go off. Some people think this is …

hosepipe ban
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5 easy hacks to keep your garden healthy during a hosepipe ban

Brits could be facing the first hosepipe ban in ten years after last week’s scorching temperatures of 40C took its toll on the UK’s water supply. The ban could prove tricky for some gardeners since gardens will likely need some TLC after the extreme heat. But turning to your hose could leave you facing a hefty £1,000 …

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Everyday Items To Help Your Plants Thrive🌸

tombola have shared nine proven TikTok hacks to make your plants live longer. Plus, to carry out the tips, you only need items that you’re likely to already have around the home, such as sugar, hairspray, ice, milk and more… 1) SPRAY YOUR REAL OR DRIED FLOWERS WITH HAIRSPRAY  A popular TikTok hack involves spraying your …

growing wisteria
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Blooming Bridgerton: Tips On Growing Wisteria

Netflix’s much-anticipated hit show Bridgerton is back for another season today, as fans take inspiration from the stunning variety of floral displays. Most notably, fans were impressed by the lilac wisteria framing the Bridgerton household, even sparking a ‘wisteria hysteria’ last year as eBay searches for the plant climbed 300 percent. But while wisteria is generally …