It is a natural thing to have employees resign from their posts at some company. But most of the time, it definitely is not an easy thing to face for the company.

Especially for the human resource department, because they have to once again be prepared for the recruitment, and onboarding process, and make sure that the hired employees will be a suitable addition to the current team.

For a company, having staff who are competent, highly dedicated, and committed to participating in developing the company is the ultimate thing that they need. After all, human resources are the main thing that can help to grow the company to become a successful business.  Several companies may have the same equipment or technology, but differences in human resources lead to differences in their development. Without the right team, it is only easy for a business to go flop. 

Unfortunately, sometimes recruiting the right staff with the characteristics mentioned above is not as easy. Even if they can find it, they will ask for higher pay due to the lingering experience that they might have. Thus the most economical step is to recruit potential candidates and then shape them according to the company’s needs by providing them with a way to develop their competencies. Ensuring that they do not resign in the first place during the process is as important, or else the company has to go back to square one and repeat the process from the very beginning. 

Keep on reading to know about the mistakes employers might be doing that cause employees to resign from their position.

Lack of Potential for Career Development

Employees certainly want to work so they can achieve success. They might be okay to start their career in a low position and with cheap labor. But for most, this only acts as their starting point before they are getting something more.

The absence of career development in the company will certainly make it difficult for employees who seek success and growth in their work environment. If your company can’t give that, it is only natural for them to choose to resign even though they have worked for a long time.

Health Issues

High working hours, low appreciation, and unclean office space are also some of the other factors that could be bad for employees’ health. It can be bad in the form of physical issues and psychological health.

What employers or human resource departments can do to ensure this is not a problem is by ensuring that they provide the employees with a good amount of incentives as well as proper office cleaning to make sure that the office becomes a comfortable space to work.

Assigning Tasks Outside Job Description 

Many employees resign because they are given too much job load, which is too huge and varied. The job load is even different from their expertise and what they first agree on, in the job description.

Though sometimes it is good to provide jobs outside the comfort zone for employees to ensure that they continue to grow and learn something new. However if you want to give it, you should make sure you have prepared the employee in the first place. Providing them with mentorship or learning opportunities is important. Thus they will have the proper knowledge to finish the new task that you assigned them. 

Extreme Micromanagement Approach  

A company that has an unfriendly environment due to the boss that is too controlling in technical matters, is also a type of company that won’t be able to retain its employees. This is because the employees will feel like they are always being watched, and lacking in any space to grow or be creative for the team. 

The micromanagement approach that is applied by a boss could create an unfriendly work environment. This could lead to an employee being slow to take action, less innovative, and feeling that their freedom is restrained. 

Try to give a little leeway, and design a more solutive control system to be applied for the team. The balance between the demands and what the company (or boss) provides the employees must be maintained properly. Giving appreciation, showing empathy, and providing opportunities to develop, are some of the things that can be done. Thus the employer can ensure that they can retain staff better and prevent employee resignation.

Considering that, the company might have to restart the process of selection, training, and orientation for new employees. Employees’ resignation is definitely a blow to productivity! To avoid this, it is necessary to understand what are the reasons an employee decides to quit and ensure to make changes to prevent it from happening.

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