If you are fed up with driving around and staying at hotels, maybe it is time to renovate and revamp that old RV of yours.

Since RVs are usually on the move or parked up, you might not think about revamping them, so you could make them a bit fancier. 

Perhaps you could make it into a more traditional home, maybe you want something a bit more convenient for long-haul journeys. Whatever the case you can actually do a lot with one of these little motorized homes.

Consider an RV renovation guide if you want to really go all out and totally transform your RV. Read on to get started on an idea of how you should start thinking about the process.

A lot of people are hesitant about renovating their RV, most people see projects like renovation as very time-consuming, and while they can be an investment, they can save you money and can make things easier for you. 

So, let’s get looking into how you can start revamping your RV.

#1. Carefully Prepare Your Vehicle

Start preparing your RV. Your RV might look to be in great shape, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need a little extra care. If you find a lot of its glitz and glam has been lost on it then a makeover is on the cards. 

Even a little paint job could make a massive difference. 

So, prepping is important, you need to get rid of all the peeling paint, debris, dirt, and residue. This can be the least or most fun part of the process, depending on how you feel about cleaning. 

You also want to remove any other removable hardware, so you work with a smooth surface for this part of the process.

Bumper stickers can be the worst of all this, especially if they have been in that place for quite some time, you may lose them, having to buff them off to get that smooth surface you want. 

So be prepared for that.

#2. Painting

Once you have that smooth surface to start with, that blank canvas, it is time for a new lick of paint. You can paint it however you want. If you do not know just how you want it to look, neutral colors are a good way to go. White and beige are pretty solid for this. 

Let the first layer dry overnight and come back for any details the next day. One of the better parts of having a ridged trailer does mean that keeping a straight line is very easy. 

Once you are done with the paint job, do not forget to seal it with a clear coat or two. This is important for ensuring the paint lasts.

#3. Focus On The Flooring

Now, the inside is just as important. If you are painting the walls or applying new wallpaper, it is best to do this first, after painting the exterior. However, after this, you want to add new flooring. 

New flooring can totally change everything. With some old models, you may have carpets installed, which makes it warm and cozy, but upkeep is hard. If you have pets, dirt is easily tracked in, so maybe go for hardwood floors instead. 

Always let the floors dry completely after application.

#4. Inside Decor

The internal decor is so important, little details can make all the difference. Check out the curtains? The window treatments, is your restroom all one color scheme, could you use window slats instead? How can you make it simple and clean looking?

Since an RV is a smaller space than a traditional home, you want to open up the space more, which means using clever decor, and applying the less is more motto to how you design the inside. 

Every little thing counts when it comes to RV space, so think about collapsible chairs or even chairs that slot into your dining station.

#5. Get Good Appliances

Upgrading appliances is also ideal. You want to get yourself a compact washing machine, this is ideal for living in an RV as they take less space, and can take away a lot of headaches. 

Similarly, a combat fridge-freezer unit is also ideal. No matter what or how you eat, cold food is important to stop it from spoiling and making us sick. A compact unit will do just this while fitting into the RV space and without taking up too much of the little space on offer. 

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