So, you’ve got a hen party on the horizon, but the thought of navigating through a sea of social interactions is making you break into a cold sweat. You’re not alone! In fact, Google searches for ‘how to get out of a hen do’ have increased by 200% YoY!¹

But did you know that there is actually a scientific reason why the idea of attending a hen party fills you with dread?

Evidence suggests that the brains of introverts do not react in the same way to viewing human faces and in these situations they produce less dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with reward, than their extroverted counterparts.² So there is a good reason why periods of extended social interaction might seem intimidating.

Fear not introverts, for we’ve got your back! Jess Martin, Hen Party expert at Ginger Ray has shared 6 strategies to ensure that you not only survive, but actually enjoy the festivities:

Surviving A Hen Party

1. Craft your plan

“Before diving headfirst into the soirée, take a moment to map out your game plan. Planning ahead is crucial — it helps alleviate pre-party jitters and ensures you have a backup plan if needed. Scope out the venue and general activity beforehand, identify quiet retreats, and have an “escape plan” ready. Sleeping arrangements come as part of this. For weekend-long hen parties, make sure you are sharing with someone who also needs time to recharge socially. If there is space, see if you can request your own room.”

2. Keep your purpose in mind

“Pause and remind yourself why you’re attending in the first place. It’s not about you — it’s about celebrating your friend’s milestone. Introverted people tend to fixate on their own feelings a lot but by staying focused on your goal of being there and cheering on the bride-to-be, it can help alleviate some anxiety.”

3. Master the art of small talk

“Small talk can be the bane of introverts everywhere. Arm yourself with conversation starters, whether it’s the latest headlines or gossip from your favourite tv show. And if small talk isn’t your thing, seek out a spirited debate about a passion instead. Introverts actually find this kind of stimulating conversation easier than small talk.”

4. Take breathers when needed

“Feeling overwhelmed? It’s okay to hit pause. Sneak away to a cosy corner or take a stroll outside. Remember, a little alone time can work wonders, leaving you refreshed and ready to rejoin the festivities with newfound vigour.”

Surviving A Hen Party

5. Assign yourself a role

“Embrace your inner multitasker by assigning yourself a purpose. Offer to lend a hand with party preparations or channel your inner photographer to capture those candid moments. Not only will you keep busy, but you’ll also be hailed as the unsung hero of the event.”

6. Find a buddy

“Strength in numbers, right? Team up with a fellow partygoer who shares your apprehensions. Together, you can navigate the social landscape with confidence, sparing each other the agony of solitary corner cocktail sipping.”

Introverts fear not! Armed with these tips, you’re ready to rock that hen party like the social butterfly you never knew you could be. Let the celebration commence! For hen party ideas head to: 

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