The modelling industry has forever been admired by youngsters, especially those who love fashion, follow trends and have a knack for modelling. And, with the rise of social media platforms, more and more men are developing an interest in modelling careers. But when it comes to starting with it, they always fumble with the question, “How to become a male model the right way?” 

In the past, it’s the female models who used to grab all the attention, but now, even men have started getting the same limelight. The demand for male models is increasing day by day. So, if you ever thought to become one, go ahead and chase your dreams. To make things easier for you, we created this mini-guide on “How do you become a male model?” 

1. Find Out the Type of Modelling that Suits You the Most 

If you often google “How to get into modelling male?”, then you first need to sort out what type of male modelling will suit you. Are you more suitable for high-fashion runways, fitness magazines or product commercials? Knowing your modelling niche will help you prepare better for that niche and also target the right clients. 

2. Work on Your Appearance 

Appearance has a lot to do in the modelling industry. So, make sure you’re taking good care of your skin, hair and body. Keep a check on your diet and do physical activities that keep you fit and toned. Invest in good grooming services regularly. Do things that make you feel good from within because that will show up on your outer appearance. 

3. Practise Poses 

Modelling isn’t only about looking handsome. You need to know different poses that convey different styles and moods. It takes a lot of time to master every pose. Find images and videos of male models and try to practise the type of poses they have done in front of a mirror and camera. This will build your confidence to strike any pose during photo or video shoots. 

4. Build a Professional Portfolio 

It’s essential to have a professional portfolio that showcases your unique look and style. Work with different photographers to capture various types of photos, including headshots, close-up shots and full-body shots. This will help to highlight your unique features and physique that your potential clients might be looking for. 

5. Find a Reliable Modelling Agency 

Research multiple modelling agencies in your area and get registered with the one that is reputed, trustworthy, and has a track record of success. You can check online reviews to get a sense of their credibility. This will help you get guidance from top industry professionals, improve your modelling skills and get good projects. 

6. Attend Casting Calls and Auditions 

Casting calls and auditions are events that provide you with the opportunity to showcase your personality and skills to your potential clients. Make sure to learn about the goal of that event before you go there. For example, some events may be organised explicitly for fitness model men’s apparel, so they may require models that fit into the male fitness model category. 

7. Network and Build Relationships 

When you attend casting calls, auditions, fashion events, photo shoots, and industry parties, always be open and try to connect and build relationships with photographers, designers, agents and fellow models. Networking will bring you good modelling projects and collaborations. Being friendly and approachable is what helps you build genuine relationships with people. 

8. Be Professional 

Being professional is as important as being in good shape and appearance. So, you should always be careful about how you treat people, whether photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, fellow models, or agents. Be punctual on your shoots and auditions. Be open to taking feedback and collaborating with others to attract better opportunities.  

9. Don’t Take Rejections on Your Heart or Ego 

Rejection is very common in every profession. Every audition you appear for might not end up in success. But you can turn these setbacks into opportunities for learning and growing. When you get feedback for rejections, work on them to refine your skills and approach. Never forget that every supermodel has gone through rejections before they got into the limelight. 

10. Keep Up-to-date with Industry Trends 

The world of modelling keeps evolving and changing. If you want to stay competent, keep yourself updated with the latest trends. To do this, you can follow fashion magazines, blogs, and relevant social media platforms. The more you know about the latest updates, the more you are able to adapt and attract lucrative opportunities. 

On a Final Note 

If you’re a modelling aspirant who often wonders, “How to become a male supermodel?” and goes through different websites to learn about the industry only to get overwhelmed, then you’re not alone. Every supermodel started from this point where they had no idea how they would make it in the industry. The path can feel challenging in the beginning, but with the right mindset, determination and expert guidance, you can easily achieve your modelling goals. 

We highly recommend signing up with a modelling agency like Impact Models to start your journey. For the last 20 years, they have helped numerous modelling aspirants like you get into their dream modelling careers. Who knows? You could be the next supermodel in the world of fashion! Get in touch with them right away to take the first step towards becoming a successful male model. 

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