Here's an Amazing Take on Euphoria Inspired Bridal Party Ideas

Courtesy of HBO

Take inspiration from HBO’s hit drama, Euphoria as you plan your bridal party. Spectacular, visceral, relatable, and wild, give the bride tribe a roller coaster ride as we dive into this epic hit drama that all generations can relate to.

The hit show has given us a lot of style inspiration, from its settings to its characters. It’s a drama that blends elegance and fierceness perfectly, which is why it’s no wonder brides love to incorporate the show into their wedding theme. Well, why not include all the main characters in every aspect of your matrimony?

We compiled the best bridal party ideas based on the characters.

Cassie Howard

Cassie Howard

Courtesy of HBO

For Hair & Makeup: Loose Waves & Glam Bridesmaid Makeup

Loose waves are romantic hairstyles that fit a charming yet seductive character like Cassie. Pair it up with glam bridesmaid makeup then you’ll see how a total bombshell your best friends are. 

For Dress: Floral Bridesmaid Dress

It’s a no-brainer to choose florals for a dress as it’s versatile and gorgeous for any season. But don’t worry, and this won’t steal the spotlight.

For Shoes: Nude Chunky Heels

Nude chunky heels are a must to complete a Cassie Howard look.

Maddy Perez


Courtesy of HBO

For Hair & Makeup: Tight Bun & Glossy Skin Makeup

Maddy is the best friend you don’t want to mess with. With a tight bun and glossy makeup, you’ll see her regal side, perfect for a best friend who can also be your maid of honor.

For Dress: Cabernet V Neck Bridesmaid Dress

Cicinia offers a V Neck dress in dark shades. Although her personality likes to be the center of attention, we’re sure she’ll be happy to be a wallflower for you.

For Shoes: Embellished Sandals

Her strong presence equals powerful footwear. Have the Maddy Perez’s in your life dress like the brutal girlfriends they are.

Rue Bennett

Rue Bennett

Courtesy of HBO

For Hair & Makeup: Mermaid Curls & Natural Makeup

Channel Rue Bennett’s look with beautiful mermaid curls and natural makeup. It’s for the bride tribe that wants to stay true to themselves and let their natural beauty shine.

For Dress: Chiffon Off The Shoulder Mini Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s be honest here; Rue has a personality that’s laid back and chic at the same time. A chiffon off-the-shoulder mini bridesmaid dress adds a flare to her otherwise rouge personality.

For Shoes: White or nude boots

You’ll never see her in sky-high heels based on Rue’s personality! So instead, wear something stylish yet comfortable, like white or nude boots, if you want to steal her look and cool character.

Kat Hernandez


Courtesy of HBO

For Hair & Makeup: Half-down Waves & Classic Bridesmaid Makeup

Kat Hernandez is a plus-size queen who can strut her stuff with the right hair and makeup. Give your friends who give the same vibe with half-down waves and classic makeup on your wedding day.

For Dress: Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses

You can’t go wrong with a beaded dress. With Kat’s aura, she stands out among the crowd. But, of course, this outfit won’t outshine the bride. Instead, it will lift the festivity of the occasion.

For Shoes: Elegant Pumps

Elegant pumps support the weight of any wearer. It’s footwear that won’t hurt her feet even standing for an hour or so.

Jules Vague

Jules Vague

Courtesy of HBO

For Hair & Makeup: Loose Low Bun & Dramatic Bridesmaid Makeup

A loose low bun fits perfectly with dramatic makeup with a Jules Vague character. She may not be the main character, but Jules exudes the vibe of an empowered female.

For Dress: Lace Chiffon Dress

Lace chiffon dresses are a big hit with Jules Vaug fans for their style and versatility. You can pair it with a leather jacket for a grungy look after the ceremony.

For Shoes: Wedge Sandals

Choose a wedge sandal with rhinestones to make a statement during the wedding. Your bridesmaids will thank you for the stability during long hours of standing.

Euphoria-Inspired Bridal Party Ideas

The cast of Euphoria has taken their viewers from different perspectives. Your bridesmaids will totally love the concept of Cassie, Maddy, Rue, Kat, and Jules as they embody different personalities during your big day. It’s something the bride tribe will look forward to.

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