Do you have an adventurous friend who loves aerial adventures? If so, you likely want to give them a gift that matches their daring spirit. Lucky for you, many unique and creative gift ideas will appeal to their sense of excitement.

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

A hot air balloon ride is sure to create lasting memories. Watching the colourful balloon inflate is a thrill in itself. Floating peacefully over the landscape below offers stunning bird’s-eye views. Many companies offer rides at sunrise or sunset for a romantic ambience. Add a catered breakfast or champagne toast to make it extra special.

2. Parachute Hammock: Hangin’ Loose in the Sky

Picture this: your friend or loved one lounging effortlessly in the sky, suspended between clouds like a modern-day Icarus. This parachute hammock is not just a comfortable retreat but also a quirky nod to the thrill of free-fall. Perfect for lazy days or adventurous nights under the stars.

3. Skydiving Simulator Experience: A Taste of the Plunge

Why settle for imagining the rush when you can gift the actual sensation? A skydiving simulator experience is an adrenaline-packed gift that simulates the thrill of free fall without jumping out of an airplane. It’s the perfect way for your thrill-seeker to test their mettle without the need for a parachute.

4. Personalised Flight Jacket: Wear the Sky

Nothing says “I’m ready for takeoff” like a personalised flight jacket. Add a touch of aviator chic to their wardrobe with a custom jacket featuring their name and a quirky aviation quote. It’s not just a garment; it’s a statement piece for those who live life above the clouds.

5. Helicopter Tour Gift Voucher: Soar Like a VIP

For a gift that combines luxury and adventure, consider a helicopter tour gift voucher or gift cards. Let them experience the world from a VIP perspective as they soar above iconic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. It’s an unforgettable adventure that will have them planning their next airborne escapade.

Outdoor adventures mean they’ll need durable, weatherproof luggage. Backpacks with helmet carry straps simplify transport. Hard cases protect cameras and altimeters from crushing. Duffle bags are roomy enough for wingsuits, parachutes and hang gliding harnesses.

For the aerial photographer, upgrades produce crisper shots. Harnesses offer hands-free stability for cameras. Remote triggers allow solo shutter clicking. Lens filters correct lighting distortions. Bigger memory cards, extended life batteries, and back-up drives give peace of mind when capturing one-chance moments.

Desktop aircraft models are an inexpensive way to elevate their surroundings. Choose classic planes like biplanes or modern jets based on their interests. For artistic flair, colourful paper hot air balloons hover over desks. Arrange small models on shelves as reminders of past adventures.

There you have it, folks – a collection of gifts that will have your aerial thrill-seeker reaching for the sky with excitement. From the relaxing sway of a parachute hammock to the heart-pounding thrill of a skydiving simulator, these presents are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Finally, fuel their wild ambition with lessons in an exotic location! Certificate courses for hang gliding, sky diving, and piloting are offered world-wide. Select a breathtaking destination across the UK. For better ideas on experience day gifts you can visit WonderDays, which brings you the greatest experiences and special moments you will never forget.  

The open air calls to them, so gift items enrich time spent aloft. Any of these presents will have spirits soaring higher!

Bold experience days that make great gifts

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