The Company That Managed MIC’s Sophie & Jamie Laing’s Gift List Reveals The Wedding Gifts Couples in 2024 Really Want…

“We went to see The Wedding Present Company, wonderful experience, wonderful girls!” – Sophie Habboo on her podcast.

When it comes to wedding planning, there is so much to think about, the same goes for wedding gift lists & etiquette. Below, gifting expert, Katie Stothard, provides her expert insight into the latest trends and gifts that have been inspiring couples.

Wedding Gifts

Quotes from Katie Stothard, Showroom Manager and Luxury Wedding Gifting Expert at The Wedding Present Company

“As the showroom manager at The Wedding Present Company, I’m excited to share some insights into the latest trends and offerings that have been inspiring couples. From the most asked for classic gifts like glassware, crockery and bedding to the more personal choices including everything from lighting to placemats, we’re dedicated to ensuring our couple’s wedding lists reflect sophistication and luxury.”

“In the realm of luxury wedding gifts, certain items stand out for their practicality and elegance. Bake sets promise shared culinary adventures while serving platters and wine coasters elevate dining experiences. 

“Photo frames capture precious memories, and stylish umbrella stands add sophistication to any home. Toasts are made in style with champagne glasses, and couples enjoy romantic getaways with Mr & Mrs Smith vouchers. 

“For cooking enthusiasts, stand mixers and food processors are a practical addition, while the ottoman tray and soft furnishing make your house a home. These popular gifts blend functionality with sophistication, ensuring appreciation and enjoyment by the happy couple.”

Wedding Gifts

“Picture timeless Addison Ross frames or whimsical Amuse la Bouche lobster platters and Late Afternoon server ware – these are the one-of-a-kind pieces that not only adorn your home but become cherished family heirlooms, telling the story of your love for years to come.”

“We’ve also seen a rise in the popularity of unique and bespoke brands that aren’t always found on other gift list sites.  Think Matilda Goad, The Vintage List, Rebecca Udall, Issy Granger, Penny Morrison, Sarah K, Marlo Wine, Forwood Design and Villa Bologna to name a few – each offering treasures that elevate everyday living to an art form.”

“But it doesn’t stop there. We’re also thrilled to see couples embracing sustainable brands with unique stories, adding a touch of personality to their wedding lists.”

“It’s not just about the tried and true – we’re also seeing a rise in demand for luggage and accessory gifts. As couples embark on new adventures together, they’re seeking gifts that accompany them on their journey, blending practicality with luxury. It’s a trend that speaks to the spirit of exploration and excitement that comes with starting a new chapter in life.”

“We understand the importance of partnering with brands that share our commitment to quality and luxury. That’s why some of our most popular brands include OKA, Nkuku, and Le Creuset. These names aren’t just labels; they’re symbols for couples upgrading their everyday lives post wedding.”

Wedding Gifts

How much do friends and family spend on a wedding gift? 

In 2023, we saw an average spend of about £103 per wedding gift. Moving into 2024, this figure is rising to an impressive £120, showcasing a trend towards more unique and personaliSed gifts. This shift is a testament to the growing desire for gifts that create a lasting impact. At Prezola, we understand this change and offer a vast array of products to suit every guest’s budget. Dive into our collection of gifts ranging from £100-£150, each curated to add a special touch to the couple’s big day.

At The Wedding Shop, we’ve noticed that friends and family typically spend £114 on a wedding gift. For 2024, this generosity is increasing, with an average spend of £124 on wedding gift lists. The beauty of a wedding gift list lies in its simplicity and flexibility; it allows guests to contribute in a way that’s meaningful to them, ensuring the couple receives gifts they will truly love and appreciate. Discover our selection of wedding gifts, all within the thoughtful £100-£150 range.

For those who choose The Wedding Present Company, it’s all about the significance of the gift rather than its price tag. The average spend on a wedding gift here was £118 in 2023, rising to £144 in 2024. This increase reflects a deeper understanding of the importance of giving something that will enrich the couple’s lives for years to come. Explore our specially curated wedding gifts within the £100-£150 bracket, each chosen to bring joy and lasting memories to any couple’s journey together.”

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