Several different industries are slowly turning to cryptocurrencies, for some this process and the transition is not at all easy.

But the online casino industry has easily accepted the trend and with innovations, they are slowly taking over the world of the casino industry.

What crypto poker sites offer are completely different conditions, benefits, and services, unlike regular poker. What also makes this type of poker game unique is that blockchain technology is fully encrypted and protected. 

So it’s understandable that more and more people are turning to cryptocurrencies as a type of investment in the future that experts say is just around the corner. 

Therefore, if you are wondering which crypto poker site to choose, don’t worry by the end of the article, you will choose the right one for you.

Online poker on the blockchain

Created in 2017, together with cooperation with professional players based on blockchain technology, this type of online poker has taken the world by storm. 

Following the rise in bitcoin share prices, new services and opportunities have seen the light of day, such as online poker on the blockchain. 

This application can be downloaded by everyone from all over the world, you have access to tournaments, and there are games for cash as well as games in cryptocurrencies. What is innovative for the players is the decentralization of card shuffling. 

This implies that there is no human factor or error that can affect the cards, everything is protected by high blockchain technology and it is impossible to hack it.

Cryptocurrency security and safety

The security of cryptocurrencies is maximum since it is formed by blockchain technology that monitors every transaction and change. 

Blockchain technology is unique because it is decentralized, all data is shared simultaneously on thousands of computers around the world that are networked together. Unlike fiat currency systems, this technology guarantees privacy and security.

Faster transactions

If you want to make a payment with fiat currency using standard online payment methods, you may often lose several days until you receive your funds. Which for most people creates a big problem, which cryptocurrencies have successfully solved. Cryptocurrencies allow payouts from instant to half an hour at the latest, which compared to the slowness of fiat currencies is the speed of light.

Why cryptocurrency poker sites are attractive to players

Players have started to move more and more to crypto poker sites because of the security of their transactions, the speed of payouts as well as the anonymity that is guaranteed online. 

One of the great advantages is the correctness of the games themselves, which are fair and there is no room for human error.

The same advantage with this type of poker is that no one can find out who you are, where you are, your IP address, or anything about you.

Available everywhere

Since there are certain regulations and laws in poker that are different for each country. According to some new regulations, they don’t even allow you to attend the game, so many players have decided to bypass the laws and switch to a safer, faster, and much better option, which is crypto poker. 

We don’t need to tell you that cryptocurrencies are much monetarily stronger than standard fiat currencies. 

Along with availability, there are also lower fees, because with cryptocurrencies you don’t need a middle man. After all, the transfer goes directly from the crypto site to you.

The best crypto poker sites on the market

We have selected for you the best crypto poker sites that currently exist on the market, namely: CoinPoker, Black Chip Poker, BetOnline, and Chipstars.

  • CoinPoker 

CoinPoker is a platform that is based on incredible and innovative blockchain technology, the main currency in the game is USDT stablecoin while CHP is the fuel for the benefits that are numerous and abundant in the crypto world. 

Along with the platform, there is also a corresponding mobile app that will allow you to enter tournaments and secure games of chance. What is innovative and only they have is that players can see their influence on the shuffling of cards which is phenomenal for all users. 

  • Black Chip Poker

You cannot play Black Chip Poker anonymously, because it has a specific protection program called the Player Protection program. 

This program hides the player’s name as long as you have paid to play. Black Chip Poker organizes some big tournaments even including famous world-level players.


BetOnline is an online bookmaker that allows its users to bet larger amounts than the average. There are several options where you can bet poker, esports, and casino. It also offers bonuses throughout the year. This platform also offers the possibility of playing anonymously.

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