Organic, slow-grown lamb makes the perfect main dish for Easter. Coombe Farm Organic’s lamb comes from their hardy flock of cross-bred sheep – natural lawnmowers who graze the diverse, pesticide-free pastures of their solar powered Somerset farm.

Rearing grass-fed animals slowly in a high-welfare system is at the heart of what they do. They believe meat produced by active, healthy animals results in the best quality you can find. The shepherds, Phoebe and Emily, carefully manage the farm’s flock of nearly 2000 sheep.

Soil Association-certified, Coombe Farm Organic also offer a range of Easter alternatives and recipe inspiration.

2023 Easter Highlights

Organic Leg of Lamb (On The Bone), 2.5kg, From £46.25
Awarded 3-stars at the Great Taste Awards 2021. 

You really can’t beat this award-winning cut for your Easter table. With a thin layer of fat beneath the skin, gentle marbling throughout and gelatinous connective tissue between the muscles you get robust flavour and super-succulent meat. A free-range life, grass diet and growing slowly ensures the organic lamb produces great tasting meat.

Coombe Farm Organic

Organic Shoulder of Lamb (Boneless), 1.5kg, From £27.85
Awarded Gold at the Taste of the West 2021. 

Coombe Farm Organic’s boneless shoulder of lamb comprises the collection of muscles at the top of the animal’s foreleg. This makes it a complex, distinctive joint with tremendous depth of flavour. The layers of muscle combine with seams of connective tissue, marbling and a layer of external fat to create a result that simply oozes with juiciness.

Recipe Inspiration

Coombe Farm Organic

Leg of Lamb with Lemon, Garlic & Feta Roasted New Potatoes

A delightfully light and fresh alternative to your classic roast lamb, try this zingy, Mediterranean-inspired dish full of sunshine flavours. Serve straight to the table and let your whole party dig in – best served with spring greens or the last of the winter salads. 

Coombe Farm Organic

Rainbow Peppercorn-Crusted Sirloin Joint with Pink Peppercorn Dauphinois Potatoes 

What could make a beautiful pepper-crusted sirloin joint even more decadent than serving alongside lightly-aromatic pink peppercorn potatoes in lashings of cream and cheese! This really is a feast to feed a crowd for a very special occasion.

About Coombe Farm Organic 

Soil Associated certified, Coombe Farm Organic was set up as a form of farm diversification in 2015. Through careful breeding the team created award-winning beef from the by-product of the successful Somerset organic dairy farm, male calves. The meat is frozen at the point of butchery locking in the flavour and acting as a natural preservative. By focusing on cuts that make the most of the whole animal there is minimal waste. 

Six years later, Coombe Farm Organic now rear beef, lamb, chicken, pork and rose veal to the rigorous organic standards laid down by the Soil Association. These organic standards cover every aspect of an animal’s life, including living conditions, feed, use of medicines, transportation and slaughter – all whilst protecting the environment and soil. 

As well as a variety of seasonal organic meat boxes, the team selects other like-minded independent producers to work with, to offer organic poultry, pies and salmon, venison from Sharpham Park, game and sustainably caught fish.

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