Understanding the basics of whiskey is fundamental for anyone delving into the art of gifting this revered spirit for Father’s Day. Whiskey, a distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash, varies widely in types and flavors, primarily influenced by its region of production, ingredients, and aging process.

The primary types include Scotch from Scotland, known for its smoky flavor; Bourbon from the USA with a sweeter profile; Irish whiskey, which is typically smooth and light; and Japanese whiskey that offers a unique blend of meticulous craftsmanship and varied flavors.

When presenting whiskey as a gift, the manner in which it is given can significantly enhance the recipient’s appreciation. Including a handwritten note expressing your well-wishes or sharing a personal anecdote related to whiskey can create an emotional connection, making the gift memorable


The experience you can enjoy together

Whisk your dad off for an unforgettable experience and a chance to spend some quality time together with a trip to Midleton Distillery. Nestled in the serene countryside of County Cork in Ireland, the Midleton Distillery Experience and Premium Whiskey Tasting (£48 / €56) offers a chance to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Irish whiskey. You will hear about the hardworking craftsmen and learn about the field to glass processes behind our iconic seven brands, before relaxing and enjoying a guided tasting of some of the finest award-winning Irish whiskeys.

Finally, you will be able to explore the distillery shop, which offers the rare opportunity to buy some of the most interesting and unique whiskey bottles, such as Redbreast Distillery Edition which can be personalised with a name on the label, and is only available to purchase from Midleton Distillery.


The gift that gives back

Redbreast 12-Year-Old is a multi-award-winning expression that boasts a harmonious balance of pot still spices with notes of rich fruit, sherry, and toasted nuts.

Developed in collaboration with BirdLife International charity, this limited-editionRedbreast 12 Birdfeeder Gift Set (£95 / €110) contains a bottle of Redbreast 12 Birdfeeder and two branded glasses in a beautifully presented, and ready to gift, box.

In addition to proceeds from the gift set going to BirdLife International, the bottle comes housed in an intricately designed copper casing. After you remove the bottle, the elegant packaging transforms into a bird feeder for your garden, helping to support local birdlife, all whilst your dad raises a glass.


For the dad who likes the finer things in life

The ultimate gift for the dad who deserves nothing but the best – Midleton Very Rare Barry Crockett Legacy (£261 / €300). This decadent liquid comes housed in a beautiful bottle that can be personalised online with a custom engraving to add an extra special touch.

A truly special liquid, it displays a distinctive pot still complexity with a refined and poised finish. Filled with elegant aromas of vanilla and toasted oak, complimented by a touch of lime, succulent green berries and pears, this exquisite whiskey is sure to go down a treat for the special father figure in your life.

Complete your gift this Father’s Day by opting for a high-quality, elegant gift bag or box not only protects the whiskey but also adds a touch of sophistication and anticipation before unveiling the treasure within. 

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