A built-in wine cooler has become extremely popular. This is because wine coolers are extremely efficient and have built-in features to ensure that your wine is stored away correctly. Wine coolers can either be built into your kitchen cupboards or stand alone.

Built-in cabinets are wine storage fridges that are incorporated into cabinets completed with front ventilation which allows the to function efficiently in tight areas. Wine coolers come in a variety of sizes and are extremely versatile.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing integrated wine coolers, whether or not owning one in your home increases the value and much more. For more information read on.

Benefits of Wine Coolers

There are many benefits of wine coolers and they are a perfect way to store your wine. Wine coolers are designed to store your wine whilst offering a range of features to help preserve your wine for longer.

Wine is best stored at a certain temperature. If you store your wine in a place where the temperature fluctuates often, then you risk your wine ageing poorly. High temperatures can cause your wine to develop unpleasant aromas and dull flavours.

If you are struggling with where to store your wine, we recommend you invest in a wine cooler of some sort. This is because wine coolers come with many benefits to help maintain the quality of your wine such as:

  • Dual or single cooling zones
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Vibration-free storing
  • UV light protection

Wine coolers are built-in with UV light protection to prevent any unwanted UV lights from reaching your wine. Completed with either dual or single-temperature zones to allow you to store any type of wine you want.

Most wine coolers offer fan-assisted cooling to prevent your wine cooler from overheating therefore affecting your wine. Humidity control is another important feature that wine coolers offer.

If you store your wine in high humidity, this will cause the wine’s cork to dampen therefore allowing oxygen to reach your wine. Not only can high humidity levels damage your wine, but it can also damage your wine cabinets.

Integrated Wine Coolers

However, if you store your wine in an area with low humidity, then the cork will dry out allowing oxygen to seep into your wine.

This, therefore, leaves your wine with a bitter, acidic taste. This is why a wine cooler is important when storing your wine as it offers a variety of features to maintain your wine’s overall quality.

Dunavox now offers an exciting new feature that most of their integrated wine coolers offer. The self-ventilation is an exciting feature that enables adequate airflow for the wine fridge’s cooling system. They also offer a range of wine coolers from integrated to free-standing to built-in wine coolers suited to your home.

Can an Integrated Wine Cooler Add Value to Your House

In most kitchens, a wine cooler is considered a positive addition as long as you are not compromising your home’s storage space when installing it. Realistically it all comes down to the size of your kitchen.

If you are installing a wine cooler that invades your storage space, then this may have a negative effect on the release value of your home. However, a wine cooler does have positive impacts such as it improves the home’s overall aesthetic.

So although compromising storage space isn’t likely to increase the value of your home, the overall aesthetic of the wine cooler is bound to add some sort of value. If you want to showcase your wine as well as create a modern atmosphere, then a wine cooler is ideal for you!

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