As a pet owner, you know a healthy dog equals a happy dog. One way to ensure your dog is as healthy as possible is by feeding them the right foods. An easy way to ensure that? By making your pup’s food yourself.

Why Cook for Dogs?

You might wonder, why cook for your dog? Especially when dog food already comes ready prepared. So many people prefer to cook for their dogs – at least now and again – because they can see exactly what goes into the dish. That means they know only the best, healthiest ingredients go in!

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Cooking for Dogs

1: Homemade Dog Food


. 500g Ground Turkey

. Rice (2 cups)

. Water (6 cups)

. Peas

. Carrots

. Green Beans

It’s simple – in a big pot, put the turkey, rice, and water in, stirring it until it’s all broken up. Leave to simmer for twenty minutes.

Once the twenty minutes are up, add the veggies – sweetcorn, peas, and carrots – and then cook for five minutes. Then, let it cool before serving it to your dog! This recipe can be refrigerated and works as your dog’s main meal in the morning and evening.

2: Dog Fruit Salad


. Strawberries

. Blueberries

. Apples (chopped)

. Banana (chopped)

. Watermelon (chopped)

For a hot day, combine the above ingredients into a bowl before serving to your dog! It’s really simple, and you might even have some leftovers for yourself. Plus, as well as being delicious, your dog will benefit from all the vitamins and antioxidants found in the fruit.

3: Carrot and Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits


. 435g Wheat Flour

. 100g Cooked Sweet Potato

. 85g Shredded Carrot

. One Egg

. 180ml Water

Start by preheating your oven to 180 degrees Celsius and lining an oven tray with baking paper. Mix the flour, carrots, sweet potato, egg, and water in a bowl, combining the ingredients well. Then, knead these ingredients into a big ball before rolling it out until it’s around ¼” thickness. Then cut out shapes with your favourite dog-themed cookie cutter and place them onto the baking paper. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes before cooling on a wire rack.

These healthy dog treats are perfect for when your dog wants a snack between meals. These will last up to a week in the fridge. Or, you can freeze them for three months, so consider making a large batch in one go!

Cooking for Dogs

Ingredients Toxic to Dogs

If you cook for your dog, you must learn the ingredients they should never eat. The following foods are toxic to dogs, so keep them out of reach of your furry companion!

. NO Garlic

. NO Onions

. NO Tomatoes

. NO Mushrooms

. NO Chives

. NO Avocado

. No Grapes or Raisins

Now you know three excellent recipes for your dog to enjoy, so go ahead and get started in the kitchen! It will be a fun exercise for you, and your pup is sure to love the fresh ingredients made into a delicious dish.

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