Searching for the perfect gift for foodies who love to cook? Stellar has launched two cookware ranges that make the perfect presents for home cooks and home chefs alike. 

For cooking fanatics looking to take their skills to the next level, Stellar’s new Eclipse range of top-performing premium cookware will help create show-stopping meals at home with ease. 

Cookware Gift Ideas for Foodies
Cookware Gift Ideas for Foodies

Renowned for its style, quality and durability, Stellar’s new Eclipse range offers flawless design aesthetic and exceptional performance through the use of a tri-ply construction that allows cooks the control and fast, efficient cooking they require, whilst also promising consistent results. Each pan is crafted from three separate metals to offer exceptional efficiency and controllability: Induction Ready Stainless Steel, “High-flow” Aluminium and High Quality 18/10 Food-Grade Stainless Steel. 

This new, state-of-the-art design means that pans heat up and cool down more quickly than a traditional thermic pan, they require less power to warm up, whilst the heat radiates from the base up the side of the pans for consistent internal temperature.

The new range comprises a selection of weighted stainless steel pans for all cooking occasions including a non-stick milk pan, non-stick frying pans, chef’s pan and 3 & 5-piece saucepan sets. 

Stellar’s new Classic Cookware sets are for avid home cooks wanting cookware that promises top results, timeless style and the guarantee that you need only buy once for quality cooking kit that will last a lifetime.

Carefully crafted in Europe, the new versatile and oven safe new Classic Cookware range is available in both 5-piece (£199) and 3-piece sets (£129).

The Classic 5 Piece saucepan set contains a 14cm Sauce Pot, 16cm Saucepan, 18cm Saucepan, 20cm Saucepan and a 26cm Conical Frying Pan Non-Stick. The Classic 3 Piece saucepan set contains a 16cm saucepan, 18cm saucepan and 20cm saucepan.

The new Stellar Eclipse and Classic ranges are available online from

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