Doughlicious – The London Dough Company, has created an irresistible dessert range, combining their famous cookie dough with delicious ice cream. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Dough•Chi. 


A new take on the Japanese Mochi ball – the foodie fad of last summer – Dough•Chi delivers a mouthful of heaven with six flavour profiles of ice cream and cookie dough combinations.

Dessert lovers everywhere will love its tasty combination of ice cream wrapped in cookie dough that can be eaten straight from the freezer.  

The Dough•Chi range includes delicious flavours, including:

Birthday Cake Dough•Chi: a delicately sweet vanilla ice cream, enrobed in almond cookie dough and coated in sprinkles.

Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Dough•Chi: wrapped in blueberry cheesecake-flavoured cookie dough, this Dough•Chi really does offer a delicious alternative to the rice flour ice cream balls.

Chocolate Chip Dough•Chi: this perfect vegan vanilla ice cream meets Doughlicious’ classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough providing a dairy and gluten free sweet fix.

Chocolate Truffle Dough•Chi: combining a decadent dark chocolate dessert with Doughlicious’ finest Chocolate Cookie Dough, these vegan treats are a chocaholic’s dream.

Coconut Dream Dough•Chi: for a taste of the tropics, look no further than these frozen coconut balls, encased in vanilla cookie dough and dusted with desiccated coconut. Totally vegan and completely heavenly.


Dulce De Leche Dough•Chi: transport your tastebuds to South America with this Dulce De Leche ice cream ball, enveloped by a salted caramel cookie dough and finished with a delicious salted caramel crumb.

The Dough•Chi range will be available in 240 Waitrose stores nationwide, giving ardent fans more opportunity to pick up the delicious frozen cookie dough and ice cream snack. 

Alongside Dough•Chi, Doughlicious also produces a range of gluten free, vegan and organic ready-to-bake Cookie Dough and Savoury Biscuit Dough, Snackable Dough Bites.

The products are available in Waitrose, Ocado, Costco, Whole Foods, Selfridges, Planet Organic and other fine retailers throughout the UK. For more information visit

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