Improve your roast and impress your guests this Easter in a few savvy steps

Easter is a time to spend with family and dig into an absolute feast full of delicious food. While the roast dinner is a British staple and one that people often like to make as traditional as possible, why not try a few simple changes to really wow your guests this Easter? 

Here, Dressing Aficionado, Phil Bianchi, from The Gift Of Oil, provides five quick fixes to improve every Easter roast this spring time. 

  1. Lovely lamb 

For the springtime roast, most people will opt for a delicious and tender lamb. Some classic additions to a lamb include mint sauce, garlic and rosemary. But, have you ever tried mustard or marmite? That’s right, these unusual combinations are actually so delicious! The saltiness from the sauce brings out a wonderful sensation in the lamb. It’s not for everyone so maybe trial it with some lamb chops the weekend before Easter so you know it’s going to be a hit!  

  1. Perfect Potatoes

While the meat is the star of a roast dinner, the roast potatoes are a close second. The perfect potato is crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. But the secret to a good roastie is to drizzle an infused olive oil on top of the roasties once out of the oven and then the potatoes tossed in it before serving. Match the flavour of the oil to whatever you cook the potatoes in. For example, if you add some garlic and fresh rosemary to the oven, then use a garlic and rosemary-infused olive oil, or try an oil infused with truffle to really impress. It’s simply delicious. 

  1. Parmesan parsnips 

When cheese is added to a roast dinner, the classic choice is to make creamy cauliflower cheese. But actually, a much better combination is to add some parmesan cheese to your parsnips. Try to make your parsnips nice and crispy and add the cheese whilst they are still in the oven so that it melts over. You only need a small amount but a little goes a long way! 

  1. Juicy carrots 

Again, a common addition to the humble carrot is to add some honey. This sweet taste really helps to elevate your dish, especially if you’re not a huge fan of vegetables. If you’re a fan of the combo, why not try adding some orange juice instead? A dash of juice and a fresh herb is an ideal choice and one that you might use a lot in the future to bring out a unique sensation in the carrot. 

  1. Easter Egg cheesecake 

Of course, chocolate is everywhere at Easter, and a cheesecake is a go-to choice for dessert after a roast. So, combine them! Use your favourite cheesecake recipe and carefully spoon the filling into each chocolate eggshell and smooth over with the back of a small spoon. Let this set for two hours in the fridge and then drizzle with Chocolate & Coffee Balsamic before decorating with Mini Eggs, Malteser Bunnies, strawberries – or your favourite Easter treats!

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