In this article, bespoke gift set company Bottled & Boxed — specialising in wine, beer, flowers, and artisanal food hampers —share some alternative approaches to the classic bouquet this year that are a treat for all the senses.

Floral Food And Wine Pairings – Choosing floral food

One way to incorporate flowers into your Mother’s Day meal is to experiment with floral food. There are a wide variety of edible flowers that instantly add a gorgeous presentational flourish to any dish. Not only this, but some blooms have unique botanical flavours that can infuse your meal with a delicate taste of spring (something we’ve all missed after the long, winter months).

Pairing these floral recipes with the perfect wine allows you to bring your own twist to the traditional Mother’s Day bouquet and enjoy a special meal together at the same time.

Floral Food And Wine Pairings – Aromatic desserts

Hibiscus, violets, lavender, and rose are all edible flowers that work particularly well in sweet dishes like cakes, jellies, and ice creams. They infuse desserts with their pastel colours and delicate flavours, while also enabling each dish to boast an elegant presentation whether you dine at home or at a restaurant.

Pair desserts infused with jasmine, lavender, or rose petals with a white dessert wine that cuts through the sweetness, such as a dry Riesling or Gewürztraminer. 

Floral Food And Wine Pairings – Savoury dishes

However, flowers aren’t just limited to sweet recipes: your main courses can also benefit from botanical flavours and floral garnishes. For instance, incorporating nasturtium leaves into vegetable dishes adds a peppery, rocket-like taste that’s really unique. Or, sprinkle small pink chive blossoms over a potato salad with shallots and dill to add a pop of colour and a delicate chive flavouring.

Pair these fresh, herby dishes with a crisp sauvignon blanc or a lightly sparkling cava for a refreshing spring lunch.

Floral Food And Wine Pairings – International cuisines

Wine and flowers make a beautiful atmosphere for any occasion, but using them to tell the story of your food feels even more elegant and special. One way to do so is using flowers that match the country of the cuisine you’re serving: for instance, the red carnation is the national flower of Spain, so when serving seafood paella, tapas, or Jamon Iberico, they make the perfect addition to the table.

Pair Spanish dishes with a full-bodied rioja or a bottle of sparkling cava to surprise your mother with an authentic taste of Spain.

Floral Food And Wine Pairings – Creating a tablescape

To achieve the most visual impact at your dinner table, simply take inspiration from the colour of your flowers to create a unified theme that’s sure to impress. If your flowers of choice are roses or red geraniums, serve bottles of merlot, shiraz, or cabernet sauvignon which could even accompany red meat or other dishes with deep, rich flavours.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a Mother’s Day lunch that celebrates all the bright colours of early spring, lay your table with vases of sunflowers and daffodils. These yellow blooms could be accompanied by bottles of golden chardonnay or viognier, which themselves pair nicely with fish dishes. Or, to compliment the pastel shades of peonies, serve a chilled bottle of sparkling rosé wine in champagne flutes. More about wine pairings at Kings Of Wine.

Giving flowers and wine as a tablescape gift set is a perfect way to make a celebratory meal all the more special.

“Flowers, great food, and fine wine are the key components of any great celebration. But to add a creative twist to the traditional bouquet and bottle of fizz this Mother’s Day, why not experiment with floral food and wine pairings?

“Incorporating floral flavours, colours, and scents into your wine and food choices is a treat for all the senses and helps you create a day to remember. Give the gift of a delicious meal and gorgeous tablescape this year to show your mum just how much you care.”

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