With Trewithen Dairy’s renowned Cornish Barista Milk now available nationally in Ocado and regionally in SPAR and Lidl, the leading Cornish dairy is spilling the beans on how to create the perfect latte at home with their award-winning barista milk that produces a superior milk froth.

According to recent research by Mintel, the market intelligence agency, consumers are entering a ‘fourth wave’ of premium home-crafted coffee. With the rising popularity of home barista setups, Trewithen Dairy’s Cornish Barista Milk is helping coffee enthusiasts bring the coffee shop experience into their own homes, resulting in a perfect barista quality coffee. Sourced from local Cornish farms and crafted with care, the quality milk is specially designed to complement the rich flavours of coffee, resulting in a velvety and indulgent latte.

Try Trewithen’s top tips on how to create the perfect latte and remember that practice makes perfect!

Making the perfect foam

Trewithen Dairy’s Cornish Barista Milk is perfect for creating barista style microfroam due to its ideal protein (3.5%) and butterfat (4%) combination which creates a creamy texture and silky, longer lasting microfoam.

Fill one third of your milk jug to allow space in the jug for the milk to expand and enough milk to get the required foaming motion.

Give the steam arm a quick purge before using to clear any excess steam. 

Place the steam arm just underneath the surface of the milk and after a few short ‘chirps’ lower the steam arm further into the milk, positioning it at the side of the jug. This should initiate a swirling motion in the milk. Heat the milk to around 65 °C and froth until it reaches a velvety consistency. 

Pulling your espresso

For any good coffee it’s important to start with high quality coffee for a robust and flavourful base. Whether you’re using an espresso machine or a coffee pod, you’ll need around 25-30ml of espresso coffee. Start running the shot of espresso as soon as you begin foaming your milk so that it is ready to go. Ideally, you’re looking for a golden crema on top of the surface of your espresso.

Mastering the pour

After foaming your milk, gently tap the jug or bump on a table to remove any unwanted air bubbles and get ready to pour.

Starting from a relatively high position of 2-3” above the cup with a central aim, pour the frothed milk over the espresso in a slow, steady stream until the cup is almost half full. Continue to pour whilst gradually lowering the milk and steepening your pouring angle, adding a little wiggle to your wrist. Once almost full, pick up the jug and move it forward as you go, to create your first heart pattern. 

You can enhance your latte with syrups, spices, or flavoured powders to suit your taste preferences.

Trewithen Dairy would love coffee fans to share their at-home latte creations on social media using the hashtag #trewbarista for a chance to be featured on their official channels.

For more information on Trewithen Dairy and its range of premium dairy products, please visit www.trewithendairy.co.uk.

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