To mark the last day of World Wellbeing Week, ‘Smart Food’ innovators yfood want to highlight the fundamental role diet plays in health and wellbeing. 

In their nationally representative study which looked into triggers for hunger, yfood found there is in fact an emotional aspect associated to this, finding that over 20 million Brits are triggered to consume more junk food as a result of Sunday anxiety or feeling hormonal.

Whilst treating yourself to a Deliveroo is good once in a while, there are more effective ways of improving your mood as outlined below by nutrition experts, yfood.

Pack in prebiotics and probiotics

“Prebiotics are foods that provide nutrition to the bacteria already living in your gut, while probiotics actually contain healthy bacteria themselves that help boost mood and lower stress and anxiety. Garlic, onion, seaweed and flaxseeds are prebiotic-rich; stock up on fermented goods like kimchi, yoghurt and miso to enhance your probiotics.”

Fuel up with whole grains

“Whole grains such as rice, wheat, and oats are an important part of a healthy diet because they are rich in fibre. There are a myriad of studies that link a high fibre intake to better mental wellness due to it’s anti-inflammatory effects which aids with our digestion.”

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables

“Fruits and vegetables are rich in many nutrients that support mental health — like fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamin B and vitamin C found in berries, citrus fruits and leafy greens. Eating more fruits and vegetables has been associated with higher levels of optimism.”

About yfood


yfood occupies a yet unheard of a nutritional category named ‘Smart Food’, a concept still very much in its infancy that aims to raise awareness and facilitate balanced nutrition that is appropriate to all life situations. 

Now available in Holland & Barrett, yfood has established itself as the market leader in the Smart Food category in Germany, and is quickly emerging in the UK market. Since the launch of yfood Labs GmbH in Munich in 2017, Ben Kremer and Noel Bollmann have been revolutionising the food industry with their products. Innovative “complete food” in the form of drinks, bars, powders, and hot bowls represents a new way of eating that perfectly fits today’s modern lifestyle. All yfood products are balanced, fully mobile (drink) meals and thus combine fast-paced nutrition with a conscious diet. 

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