Nutrition experts at Prepped Pots powered by MuscleFood have revealed five foods that can make us feel tired and lethargic.

Many people rely on coffee, smoothies and energy bars to get them through the day but consuming too much of the wrong products can leave us feeling even more fatigued.

Too much coffee can lead to a caffeine crash, making us feel tired and in need of more coffee to fix the problem.

And most store bought smoothies and energy bars contain sweeteners and added sugars while lacking sources of protein and fibre which are essential for keeping our energy levels up.

The experts advise taking caution when purchasing energy boosting products and are encouraging people to look further into ingredient lists, making sure they contain everything needed for long lasting energy.

Ashleigh Tosh, nutrition expert at Prepped Pots said: “A lot of us love our morning coffee fix to help wake us up and there’s nothing wrong with that.

“However, consuming too much can have the complete opposite effect, leading to a caffeine crash which leaves us feeling tired and in need of more coffee to fix the problem.

“The best way to avoid this is by sticking to the recommended amount of caffeine of 400mg, that’s around four cups of tea or coffee which is plenty to get you through the day!

“There are other foods that can contribute to fatigue as well such as white bread, pasta and energy bars.

“This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these foods, it’s all about making better choices. Swap your bread and pasta for whole grain alternatives and when buying things like energy bars and smoothies, take a good look at their ingredients list and what’s in them.”

5 foods causing fatigue:

  1. Coffee

Regular coffee drinkers will find that coffee will give them a quick burst of energy and alertness but will leave them feeling fatigued and in need of more coffee. This caffeine crash can be worse if you enjoy your coffee with added sugar. To avoid this go easy on the sugar and stick to the recommended daily amount of caffeine of 400mg.

  1. Nuts

Nuts are a great healthy snack that can provide you with a boost of energy but only if you consume the right amount. Over indulging can have the opposite effect and its high levels of healthy fats could end up promoting tiredness. Stick to the recommended serving of 30 grams per day, this is around one small cupped handful.

  1. Fruit smoothies

Store bought fruit smoothies are packed with sugars and often lack the protein and fibre needed to keep your energy levels up. The high sugar content can cause you to crash around midday. For better alternatives consider making your own smoothie at home and don’t forget to add a source of protein or healthy fat like nut butter.

  1. White bread

Refined carbs like white bread, bagels and pasta are digested quicker than complex ‘good’ carbs. This means your body is likely to experience a short and quick spike in blood sugar levels before crashing. This is similar to what happens when we eat too much sugar. To avoid this, try and opt for whole grain options instead.

  1. Energy bars

Contrary to the name, energy bars can lead to an energy crash due to their high sugar content and added sweeteners. When buying energy bars look for one with a short ingredients list. The less there is the better. Also look out for their protein and fibre content.

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