This Valentine’s Day, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW encourages you to share the love with liquorice. The Danish confectionery brand, famed for its unique chocolate coated liquorice treats, is bringing back its popular seasonal LOVE collection.

This year’s limited edition LOVE collection consists of two deliciously fruity flavours; STRAWBERRY & CREAM and FRUITY CARAMEL. 

After launching it’s #ShareItWithAHater campaign in October, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW continues its mission to make the world love liquorice and its LOVE range is no exception. As for true love, you should never give up, and neither will LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW. 

STRAWBERRY & CREAM is a sweet synergy of the two flavours, brought together by velvety white chocolate and a sweet liquorice core. FRUITY CARAMEL is a seductive blend of dulce chocolate and pungent blackcurrant with a salty chewy liquorice centre and crunchy sugar shell. Both flavours are sure to leave your heart (and your stomach!) feeling full this Valentine’s Day.

What’s more, this year’s collection sees the introduction of a sweet twist that’s guaranteed to surprise and delight your loved one.  Both flavours will feature a heart-shaped liquorice core, achieved through hours of passionate craftsmanship, so you can say it with sweets this Valentine’s Day.

Also returning for 2022, the LOVE SELECTION BOX offers the perfect flavour packed heart to gift a loved one on the most romantic day of the year.  The heart shaped gift box is packed with a range of popular LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW chocolate coated liquorice flavours including A – CLASSIC, D – SALT & CARAMEL and F – DARK & SEA SALT as well as the Valentine’s Day editions and popular WILD BLUEBERRY.  Whether for a partner, a parent or a pal, the LOVE SELECTION BOX complements all cravings – from the fruity and fresh to the sweet and the salty.

As with all LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW products, The LOVE collection has been created with sustainability front of mind. The first confectionery company in the world to do so, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW has been using jars in 100% recycled plastic since 2019. Still producing all liquorice products in Copenhagen, LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is proud to announce that since 2020, the factory has run on 100% green energy. 

The LOVE collection is available on Lakrid By Bulow from the 20th of January 2022


Available from the 20th of January. RRP from £10 for 125g – 

Discover a sweet synergy between tangy red strawberries, white soft cream and sweet heart-shaped liquorice. White chocolate brings it all together and serves you an incredible taste experience of true Danish love.


Available from the 20th of January. RRP from £10 for 125g- 

Fall in love with the seductive combination of salty heart-shaped liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of fruity and pungent black currant and crunchy pieces of raw liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s sure to leave your heart longing for more.


Available from the 20th of January. RRP £32 for 550g – 

Can you ever get too much LOVE? We don’t think so, so we gathered all our LOVE in one jar to give you an abundance of LOVE. STRAWBERRY & CREAM’s tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and sweet liquorice partnered with FRUITY CARAMEL’s salty liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of pungent blackcurrant notes.


Available from the 20th of January. RRP £37 – 

A flavour packed selection of everything a heart desires. This heart-shaped selection is perfect for gifting and contains both popular classics and limited editions: A – THE ORIGINAL, D – SALT & CARAMEL, F – DARK & SEA SALT, STRAWBERRY & CREAM, FRUITY CARAMEL, WILD BLUEBERRY and CLASSIC – SALTY CARAMEL

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