PUT a spring in your step and indulge in the fresh and fruity flavours of spring produce this season. As the warmer evenings are rolling in, there is no better time to share a sip of something special with loved ones.

No-alcohol offerings are becoming a basic requirement for restaurants as we look for spirit-free menus that allow us to socialise without the negative side-effects and health impacts of alcohol. Not to mention, these must-have menus are perfect for parents and children alike. 

Those who love sweet treats are in for a delight, as Heavenly Desserts’ new limited edition spring drinks menu is now available. The leading dessert franchise has launched three new drinks for the season, all bursting with fruity and flowery flavours.

Each drink has been inspired by Japanese spring time, taking the favourite flavours of Japan – including matcha (green tea powder), Sakura (cherry blossom – the national flower) and yuzu (citrus fruit) as the staple behind each drink.

Heavenly Desserts stunning restaurant interiors throughout its 46 stores make enjoying the menu even more spectacular. From plush bucket chairs to gorgeous flower walls each restaurant boasts something unique, and this makes it the perfect place to share special moments with friends and family this season.

All dessert lovers can enjoy the new spring drinks menu up and down the UK. With prices starting from £5.95 each of the new offering is not one to be missed. 

A selection of high-resolution innovative desserts can be found here: https://we.tl/t-gIf322sVPR.

A bloomin’ good soda 

Cherry Blossom and Lychee Seltzer starting from RRP £5.95

This floral and fruity soda is not one to hold back on. Refreshing and cool, it offers the taste of spring in a tall glass. Made with blueberry popping pearls, cherry blossom syrup, lychee puree and sparkling water, it pulls together warming flavours. 

Made with a ‘latte’ love

Matcha & Pistachio Iced Latte starting from RRP £5.95

This milk-based latte is filled with traditional parings that make spring so special. A classic twist on the original matcha latte this perfectly brewed drink brings matcha green tea, Sicilian pistachio sauce and iced milk together into a gorgeously tasting beverage. 

An act of passion

Yuzu and Passion Fruit Tonic starting from RRP £6.45

A fruity concoction made with the finest fruit, this signature yuzu and passion fruit tonic is blended seamlessly together to create the perfect refreshment. Freshly combined pairings of pineapple, mandarin mochi, yuzu puree, passion fruit and tonic water create this punchy drink and combines the fresh flavours of spring in one cup. 

The limited-edition drinks menu is available in all stores from 23 March – 31 May 2023. To find out more about Heavenly Desserts, please visit: https://heavenlydesserts.co.uk

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