Panther M*lk, a unique bottled cocktail made with plant-based ingredients alongside beautiful spirits and liqueurs, is expanding its presence in the UK.

The move comes after a successful appearance on the most recent series of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, during which Deborah Meaden agreed to come on board as an investor in the business. 

The brand’s early success comes as the booming ready-to-drink cocktail category continues its growth post-pandemic. The incredibly delicious beverage is inspired by ‘Leche De Pantera’, a potent cocktail that has its origins in the hedonism and indulgence of 1920’s Spain. 

Panther M*lk’s use of exclusively high-quality spirits and ingredients sees it occupy a unique place in the market, while the drink also appears to a huge subset of drinkers who choose to follow vegan diets, or those who are lactose-intolerant, and are seeking out plant-based alternatives to popular dairy-based cocktails.

Crawford’s successful appearance on BBC’s Dragon’s Den highlights the interest in the product not only from its audience, but also from potential investors. Deborah Meaden was sufficiently impressed with the Panther M*lk premise that she presented an offer of investment during the episode. Following subsequent discussions, the owners of Panther M*lk and Deborah Meaden have mutually decided not to go forward with the investment deal, leaving Crawford and Panther M*lk free to seek alternative investment, should they decide to. Regardless, their appearance on prime-time television set to shine a light on the product and the business proposition to other interested parties.

Panther M*lk is a ready-to-drink cocktail inspired by the classic spanish drink ‘leche de pantera’, which founder Paul Crawford discovered at a music festival in Barcelona. Panther M*lk’s take on the drink is the first of its kind on the market, made from a secret blend of premium spirits and ‘condensed oat milk’, and showcases a distinctive moreish oaty flavour with hints of spice and molasses, a creamy and rich mouthfeel and a long, delicious finish. 

The drink is extremely versatile, created to be equally satisfying to drink straight, as a shot, shaken in a cocktail or added to hot drinks.  The original Panther M*lk flavour will be joined by a range of limited-edition flavours such as mint, strawberry, coffee and chocolate, to be released throughout the year.

The product garnered a strong cult following a highly successful weekly bar pop-up that ran in its native Glasgow for four years. Now, its award-winning range of ready-to-drink, bottled cocktails is available nationwide, having taken home a Gold Award in The Spirits Business Awards in The Pre-Mixed and RTD Masters category 2021, and the brand is looking to expand its market presence, increase production and diversify when it comes to its retail partners as it looks to capitalise on this renewed interest in both the product and the ready-to-drink sector.

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