Afternoon tea is a British staple, adored by millions of people across the UK. Ahead of the Coronation weekend, where a celebratory afternoon tea will be enjoyed by many, DrinkWell has created the perfect pairing checklist to enjoy a few British wines with a midday treat as we celebrate all things Royal.

DrinkWell’s range of lower-calorie, full-strength beverages means you can enjoy a guilt-free tipple in the sunshine, the perfect pairing for a delightful afternoon tea.



A dreamy scone with jam and clotted cream is a British classic. Merlot is the UK’s red of choice, so the Pico a Pico Cabernet Merlot is a true crowd-pleaser. Pico a Pico Carmenere Merlot is a rich blend of spicy red fruits of raspberry and blueberry. These are smooth notes, making this red wine a delicious and easy choice of drink, perfect for the additional berry tastes in the jam.


Victoria sponge

WINE PAIRINGS FOR AFTERNOON TEAFrom once being available only for the affluent and royals, rosé wine has become an indispensable part of British culture. Traces Rosé wine tastes wonderful alongside blackberries and strawberries, so pairs perfectly with Eton Mess or Victoria Sponge.


Cheese sandwiches or cheesecake

Traces Sauvignon Blanc is the ideal wine for a zesty, aromatic taste with refreshing amounts of acidity and herbaceous notes on the palate. Perfectly pair this white wine with cheese flavours including cream cheese sandwiches, cheesecakes, cheese and crackers or even a feta side salad.


Coronation chicken

The previous official coronation dish is still a staple in a traditional afternoon tea. The Courte Tempete Sauvignon Blanc is a thirst-quenching delight perfectly matched to herb-driven dishes and roasted chicken, such as the classic coronation chicken.



English favourite fizz, La Gioiosa is fruity and flowery with hints of ripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. Pairs wonderfully with fruit teacake blending all the tasty fruit filled flavours without overpowering one another.

Sausage rolls or cocktail sausages

While this is not necessarily traditional, additional snacks such as sausage rolls or cocktails sausages can often be found on an afternoon tea platter, especially when providing for more guests. For those who enjoy a vibrant yet gentle tannin Sicilian red, the La Bacca is an ideal choice that is perfect when paired with pork!

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