It’s official – January really is the worst month to have a birthday, as new research by PizzaExpress reveals that our Capricorn and Aquarius friends are celebrating birthdays less than anyone else, with over two-thirds of January babies (69%) admitting to not celebrating at all, thanks to the festive season slump.

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The research, which polled 2,000 UK adults found that, of those born in January, two-thirds (66%) agreed that the first month of the year is the worst time to have a birthday, with over half (57%) opting to spend their birthdays indoors and nearly a third (30%) stating that the day is often forgotten by friends and family altogether. 

However, as a brand known for celebrating all life’s milestones, PizzaExpress is seeking to put celebrations back on the menu this January. With this in mind, the brand is giving 50% off pizza to PizzaExpress Club members who dine in from today, to help with the post-Christmas purse strings, as “having no money” was cited as the main culprit for skipping celebrations, for over a third (38%) of those polled. 

And when it comes to those born in January, it seems they aren’t simply feeling sorry for themselves, as the research found that almost half (40%) of those born between February and December admitted that they’ve previously forgotten a birthday present for someone born in January, with one-third (34%) having cancelled last-minute on a friend’s January birthday party.

It’s not just birthdays that go missed as December gives way to a new year, with the collective Christmas hangover accountable for nearly half (45%) of Brits putting all celebrations on hold, no matter the occasion, simply because its January – with many saying goodbye to new job celebrations (22%), date nights (21%), promotions (21%) and even wedding anniversaries (14%).

With 82% of those polled agreeing that seeing friends and family would help alleviate the ‘January blues’, PizzaExpress is seeking to bring people back together to celebrate life’s big and small occasions, regardless of the month. Its ‘VIP’ (that’s Very Impressive Prices) discount is therefore extended to all PizzaExpress Club members, and 25% off for non-loyalty members – regardless of their birth date. What’s more, for those who aren’t a PizzaExpress Club member, it’s quick, easy and free to join – simply download the app.

That’s not all: PizzaExpress is going one further for those who may have fallen victim to the post-festive slump (or forgotten a loved one’s birthday) in the past, with thirty-one free celebratory meals up for grabs via its Instagram page – so you can get in from the cold, and celebrate with PizzaExpress’ new winter menu, featuring a deliciously warming new Formaggi and Pancetta Penne, and a delectable Chocolate Fondant dessert.

For more information, including T&Cs, please head to Please note that Duo Romana pizzas, Pasta and Salad dishes are not included in this offer.

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