If you’re looking to improve your skills in the kitchen and broaden your repertoire of family favourites, whilst paying attention to long-lasting and eco-friendly choices, then look no further than Stellar’s new range of pizza-making tools that will guarantee delicious results every time. 

pizza-making tools

Stellar’s brand new Form range makes it easy to create and cook pizzas at home, allowing you to get creative with different bases and toppings, whilst serving them up in style. It is also perfect for those looking to make conscious decisions about their purchases, as the 9-piece Form range has been designed with sustainability in mind, with each piece carefully crafted from recycled and compact paper fibres to give a naturally stylish wood effect that not only looks great, but is built to last. 

pizza-making tools

The Form range provides everything you need to create delicious homemade pizzas from scratch including: chopping board, pizza paddle board, pizza cutter, double-sided chopping board, alongside a range of utensils: slotted spoon, small spoon, spoon, turner and spatula to prepare those all-important toppings that will enhance your eating experience. 

Stellar is renowned for its high quality kitchenware and this new range is no exception, with items that offer longevity without cracking, fading or splitting, so you can be sure that your cookware will perform time and time again. 

All items within the new Form range are dishwasher-safe – unlike traditional wooden utensils – and have a naturally antibacterial finish for ease of cleaning. All items are safe to use with non-stick pans and gentle on knives. Each piece in the range is also covered by Stellar’s lifetime guarantee.

Stellar’s new Form range is available mid-January from www.stellar.co.uk (RRP from £12).

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