When it comes to tea time pick-me-ups, sweet biscuits beat the rest hands down

As a nation, us Brits are renowned around the world for our love of tea. Getting cosy and popping the kettle on are deeply intertwined, and as many as four in five of us enjoy a little energy boost to go along with our brew, according to a survey[1] for the UK Tea and Infusions Association (UKTIA; www.tea.co.uk).

Dr Sharon Hall, Chief Executive of the UKTIA, says, “With the change in seasons from winter into spring, we can feel a lack of energy, and in need of a break. In fact, a survey for the UKTIA showed us that 80% of Brits[2] like to have a snack with their cup of tea. Coupled with this other UKTIA real-world research also shows that for more than eight in 10 (83%) Brits the main reason to drink tea is the taste.[3] After tea taste, providing warmth, a ‘pick me up’ and the opportunity to take a break were also named as reasons to drink tea too.1

So, with the onset of a seasonal energy dip Brits already have a way to tackle this challenge, as they sit back and sip the nation’s best-loved hot beverage with a little energy boost from their favourite snack, sweet or savoury.

But which go to snacks will they pair with their brew? “According to the UKTIA survey, Brits have a clear favourite to reach into the snack cupboard for. Sweet biscuits were the preferred treat for almost half (47%) of those polled,” says Dr Hall.

She adds, “We can also see from the data that, in general, sweet snacks beat savoury snacks hands down in terms of Brits’ preferred teatime accompaniment.”

Sweet teatime snacks Brits said they tended to reach for included:

  • Sweet biscuits (47%)
  • Cake (31%)
  • Chocolate (17%)
  • Cereal bar (10%)
  • Fruit (10%).

On the other hand, savoury teatime snack preferences included a sandwich (15%), savoury biscuits (14%), crackers (9%), crisps (9%), and samosas (5% overall and 8% in younger consumers). Just one in five (20%) said they usually just had their cup of tea on its own, showing just how important teatime snacks are to the British public.

Tea Choices

As well as drinking the traditional ‘builders brew’, Brits are now adding herbal teas and infusions to their tea drinking mix. The UKTIA survey shows that nearly two thirds (64%) like to drink herbal teas at home, while 9% drink them in cafes, 7% at work, 6% at the homes of friends or family, and 6% in restaurants. However, black tea, with or without milk is still the favourite tea for Brits, with over 70% stating this was their favourite tea.

“Brits really do love a brew,” says Dr Hall, “As the survey also reveals that 38% drink one to two cups of tea a day, with 36% saying they drink three to four cups a day. One in six say they drink (15%) five to six daily cups. A tea brew also brings about comfort for half (50%) of those polled . Others noted tea’s ability to relax us (52%) and leave us feeling calmer (35%) ,” says Dr Hall, adding that, “Over a quarter (27%) also said tea was a mood booster, which many people welcome during the wet winter months into spring.”

To discover more about tea, see: https://www.tea.co.uk/

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