Dried mango is a great alternative to eat for nutrients and a light snack for when you’re hungry. It’s great for anyone attempting a low-calorie diet and looking for lightweight options to add to smoothies, porridge and desserts. 

Rich in vitamins and minerals, it’s ideal to keep your digestive system healthy. Saco Organic offers reusable paper pouches and is naturally chewy and sweet .

What is dried mango 

Dried mango is a dried fruit of mango fruit which comes from the mango tree Mangifera Indica. These fruits are dried naturally and then exported around the world maintaining a much longer shelf life once all the water is removed. The most popular type of fruit that is eaten as a snack and for diet purposes. Is known to be high in fat as opposed to fresh fruit. 

Dried mango benefits

Dried mangoes contain many benefits including Vitamin A and Fibre. Each dried mango is worth  160 in calories. Dried mango can help with metabolism as well as calcium and iron. The product also contains around 30 grams of sugar. 

– Dried mango is a good source of B-complex vitamins that helps boost energy and reduce stress levels.  The fibre contained overall helps heart health.  Other benefits include better skin appearance, weight loss and increased circulation.

Improved skincare 

Dried mango contains active ingredients that can help smooth the skin, improve inflammation and prevent wrinkles, age spots and blemishes, it can help improve elasticity and help you look younger. 

Helps Weight loss

Removing the water from the mangos makes them less filling and gives off a sense of rich fibre. It can help if you’re trying to lose weight and if you’re calorie counting. It has a high concentration of carbohydrates. 

Helps with digestion

Can help get rid of symptoms like constipation and diarrhoea while also helping the gut by balancing bacterial levels. This is due to the fibre present in the fruit . 

Improving bone density 

Can help with bone density and boost the bone mineral.

May improve your vision

The antioxidant found in these fruits can improve your vision due to the amount of beta-carotene  used.

May boost circulation 

Dried mango fruit can help boost overall circulation and help people with anaemia. Moderate levels of iron are contained within the fruit. 

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