A busy life has become the norm for countless people around the world, with many struggling for time in the morning to do simple tasks, such as even making tea.

As a result, the need and demand for rapid solutions has increased and one of these time-saving options is instant powder beverages.

These unique drinks can be enjoyed on the go, stored for later, or even prepared the night before so that you can grab a cup and head out of the front door. In this post, we’ll be exploring the benefits of these natural powdered beverages and their instant uses.

What are Powder Beverages?

Natural Instant Powder BeveragesIn the most simple terms, they are a type of product that can be combined with either hot or cold water, whereby the powder will dissolve into the liquid and then be enjoyed with a full, rich and often vitamin-infused flavour. Instant tea powder is becoming increasingly popular and not just because it’s quick and easy to use – but also because it can be infused with nutritious ingredients.

What Are the Benefits of Instant Tea?

There are several and these include:

  • It’s quick and easy to make
  • It’s compatible with many temperatures of liquid, including hot and cold
  • It’s affordable
  • It can be prepared in advance or made instantly for a refreshing beverage

Ease of Use

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of natural instant beverages is that they are so easy to use and make. All that is needed is a cup, or container of fresh water, a spoon to scoop the powder and the powder itself. Most packaging will provide details on the recommended amount of powder to use per litre of water as well, making it even simpler to prepare.

Hot or Cold Options

Whether you prefer your beverage room temperature, boiling hot, or cold enough to trigger brain freeze, these types of powdered teas are compatible with a wide variety of water types and they can even be added to other healthy drinks to provide a little extra taste and nutrition. It can be as simple as opening the powder package, combining it with water, giving things a mix and allowing the molecules to dissolve, providing a much healthier alternative to soft drinks and beverages filled with sugar and additives.


Not only can these powders last for weeks, if not months on end, depending on the size of the pot or package that you’ve purchased, but they actually work out cheaper than many types of tea bags. Depending on how much (or little) you use, they could save you a small fortune when compared to buying coffee or stocking up on natural tea bags.

Versatile Preparation Methods

As long as the finished mixture is stored correctly, it can be kept for days at a time and even safely stored for weeks if properly placed in a fridge. You could prepare your tea the night before a busy day at work or in the morning while you get dressed. You could even bring the powder with you and make tea during the day if you’d prefer fresh water from the offices’ water cooler.

Powdered tea is versatile, tasty and often full of health benefits and can be sourced from a reliable beverage supplier online or from a store.

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