Mother’s Day doesn’t always have to involve the usual flowers and chocolates, we’ve got something cheesier for you to spoil the superwoman in your life with. Research by Bel UK has proven that only 47% of Brits would choose chocolate over cheese when it comes to a treat from a loved one.

So, if you’ve got a Milk Tray hidden in the cupboard for the big day, it’s time to change it out for a different kind of dairy.

Whether you’re celebrating your mother, Aunty, or another special lady in your life, Bel UK has partnered with StarGrazing Co to create the ultimate ‘Mum, you’re grate’ plate. Packed full of the cheesiest of cheeses, which they’re bound to absolutely love!

The Ultimate Cheese Platter For Mum – STEP 1

Take a large dinner plate and begin by placing your cheeses in a heart shape. Use a triangle cheese such as Port Salut for the tip as it’s pointy and try The Laughing Cow triangles fanned together in twos at the first top curve. Try strategically stacking the Babybel’s in a pyramid shape along one side and then using a rounded cheese such as Boursin at the top of the other curve.

The Ultimate Cheese Platter For Mum – STEP 2

Next, add your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables. As peppers are straight-edged these work well as the side of the heart. The add fruits such as cherry tomatoes, strawberries and grapes/olives. Slice the bottom layer of the stacked grapes and olives in half so they don’t roll, then fill your gaps with alternating grapes and olives.

The Ultimate Cheese Platter For Mum – STEP 3

It’s time for the meats! Use cold meats such as Bresoala, salami, and prosciutto as they’re a great mix of flavours but all very uniform in colour. Try rolling the bresaola into flowers (it is Mother’s Day after all!), then the salami folds well in half twice and is displayed in a row down another sharp edge and lastly, the prosciutto is great for adding some height.

Finally, take your final items and fill any gaps you might have. Be brave and layer up your heart so it’s as striking from the side as it is from above! We’ve used ripe fig, a cherry and a small slice of a blood orange but you can use anything colourful you might have. Serve with beetroot crackers for that extra je nes se quoi!

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