With summer just weeks away, find ways to wow your guests by introducing a little Asian twist to your barbeque.

Whether that’s with a spicy vegan mayo or flavoursome barbeque sauce, find delicious ways to bring fragrant flavours to your favourites. All these barbeque essentials can be found in the World Food aisles in major supermarkets. 

Sun Hee Korean BBQ Sauce (300g)

Inspired by generations of authentic Korean cuisine, Sun Hee’s Korean BBQ sauce packs a powerful punch and is perfect for marinating meats or vegetables before barbequing. Immerse yourself in the traditional Korean BBQ experience with smoky, sweet and spicy flavours. 

Available from: Tesco and Sainsbury’s.  

RRP: £2.00

Thai Dragon Sriracha Mayo (6x200ml)

Replace regular mayonnaise with Thai Dragon’s Siracha Mayo to add a kick of Thailand and some extra zing to your barbeque. The versatile sauce is perfect to add to your burgers or hot dogs, as a dipping sauce for chips or drizzled over a summer salad. Made from soybean instead of eggs, this mayo is vegan-friendly, too. 

Available from: Tesco, Morrisons, Lidl, Ocado and Aldi.  

RRP: £1.90

Laila Premium Mango Chutney (300g)

Laila’s premium Mango Chutney is perfect for those looking to add an Indian twist to their grills. It works wonders in a burger, or as a tantalising relish for hotdogs, bringing the perfect fresh, summer flavours from afar.  

Available from: Sainsbury’s.  

RRP: £1.90

Thai Dragon BBQ Siracha (455ml)

Two titans in the sauce world collide to make Thai Dragon’s fiery BBQ Siracha a store cupboard staple for barbeque season. It adds a warming, smoky to kick to everything from meat and meat alternatives, to salads and sides, and can be used to marinate, drizzle or dip. 

Available from: Aldi.  

RRP: £2.29

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