Old school pizza joint Vincenzo’s and fried chicken gods Coqfighter are teaming up for a one month exclusive burger – the ‘Hot Honey Chicken Francese’, available for £12 at all Coqfighter locations

The Hot Honey Chicken Francese fuses classic Italian American flavours in a fried chicken burger. A succulent piece of fried chicken, drizzled with a hot honey and lemon butter on it, balances sweetness and heat. With whipped ricotta, mozzarella and topped with pickled red chillies it’s a ‘true beast’ of a burger.

Tom Vincent, Founder of Vincenzo’s Pizza commented:

“When Coqfighter get in touch asking to collab on a burger, you have to pull something special out the bag! After a session in their kitchen we worked on creating a burger using a recipe inspired by my homemade hot honey with an Italian American twist, and the Hot Honey Chicken Francese was born.”

Tristan Clough, Founding Father of Coqfighter added: 

“We wanted to work with Vincenzo’s because, put simply, Tom is making the best pizzas in London right now. We pride ourselves on making London’s best fried chicken and only collab with brands that excite, inspire and raise the bar. Old school 12 and 18 inch pies pulling from New York and Naples influences, Vincenzo’s pizzas and passion are unparalleled. Working with Vincenzos on the Hot Honey Francese has been super fun and the burger itself is insane. Citrusy hot honey butter drizzled on fried chicken, whipped ricotta and mozzarella and pickled red chillies get together to make this March special a true beast.”

The Hot Honey Chicken Francese is available from March 5th at all Coqfighter sites across the UK for one month only…so get down and try it!

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