We are well into the swing of that strange time between Christmas and New Year where all there really is to do is pick at the various tubs of chocolate we have received over the festive period.

By this point in the festive period, many people will be down to the dregs of their chocolate tubs, and with only the unpopular sweets left, it makes us miss the chocolates we have lost over the years all the more.

With this in mind, the team at Betway has looked back on all the sweet treats that have been removed from festive confectionery tubs over the years, and using search volume data, have determined which chocolates are most missed by the UK public.

Which of these Celebrations, Heroes, Roses or Quality Street treats would you like to see make a comeback?

  1. Toblerone – 67,000 Monthly Searches

The popular triangular chocolate bar enjoyed a very short stint as part of the Heroes tub between 2013-2015. 

It may have been seven whole Christmases since Toblerone last appeared in the Cadbury’s chocolate tub, but with 67,000 monthly searches for the mountain-shaped chocolate, it seems many would like to see it return.

  1. Bournville – 19,000 Monthly Searches

Cadbury’s famous dark chocolate bar was a staple feature of the Roses tub before being moved over to the Heroes tub in 2008.

However, Bournville only lasted a short time as part of the Heroes lineup and was removed altogether in 2013, and now does not feature in any of the popular festive confectionary tubs.

  1. Fuse – 16,000 Monthly Searches

Fuse was removed from the Heroes tub in the mid-2000s, but it appears that chocolate fans have still not gotten over it with the treat receiving 16,000 searches.

In fact, the Fuse bar, which contained peanuts, raisins and cereal pieces, was discounted altogether in the UK in 2006 but remains popular in India.

  1. Smarties – 6,500 Monthly Searches

Plenty of people may not remember that Smarties were once Quality Street royalty. A small carton of the different-coloured shelled chocolates appeared in the festive confectionary tub for one year only in 2004.

With 6,500 searches per month, people would clearly like to see Smarties make a comeback to Quality Street again – they would certainly help to fill up the kids, leaving more pickings for the grown-ups, at least.

  1. Turkish Delight – 5,400 Monthly Searches

Another treat that people may have forgotten was once part of our festive confectionery tubs is Turkish Delight, which featured in the Roses tub for some time.

Like Bounty, the Turkish Delight was a real love-it-or-hate-it sweet, and while 5,400 people a month clearly miss it, there’s no doubt plenty are in no rush for it to return.

  1. Time Out – 4,600 Monthly Searches

Yet another sorely missed Heroes option is the classic Time Out bar, which contained layers of wafer and rippled chocolate dipped in smooth Cadbury’s chocolate.

The treat was given its own ‘time out’ of the Heroes tub way back in 2007, and sparked uproar in 2016 when it was suggested that Cadbury’s may discontinue the chocolate bar for good.

  1. Topic – 4,600 Monthly Searches

Celebrations have barely made any changes to its lineup of chocolates over the years, making the recent removal of Bounty all the more shocking.

The Topic bar was the first Celebrations treat to get the chop way back in 2006, and it looks like 4,600 people a month would welcome the comeback of the nutty treat.

  1. Picnic – 4,500 Monthly Searches

There’s no shortage of flavours in Cadbury’s Picnic, with wafer, caramel, peanuts and dried fruit all crammed together in one chocolate bar.

Sadly, the Picnic was simply too divisive to keep its place in the Heroes tub and was removed way back in 2007, the same year as the Time Out and the Topic – just how did chocolate fans survive?

  1. Dream – 4,000 Monthly Searches

Fans of white chocolate were not happy when Cadbury’s made the controversial decision of removing Dream from the Heroes tub way back in 2008.

The Dream bar was eventually discontinued altogether due to a lack of popularity. However, the treat did make a brief comeback to UK shelves in 2020, appearing as a limited edition item in B&M Bargains.

  1. Galaxy Truffle – 2,000 Monthly Searches

Another sorely missed Celebrations chocolate is the Galaxy Truffle, the removal of which ruined more than a few people’s Christmases back in 2011.

Fans of the Galaxy Truffle are truly devoted to the treat, with one even starting an official petition to reintroduce it to the Celebrations tub back in 2018.

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