Wine coolers offer many benefits for your home. It is a perfect way to store your wine whilst taking into account certain storage factors. If you want to store your wine correctly and preserve it for a long time, then a wine cooler is the ideal solution for you.

Owning a large variety of wine bottles can take up a significant amount of space. This is why owning a wine cooler is ideal as you can buy as many bottles of wine as you want without having to worry about where you can store them.

Storing your wine in a fridge is too cold for your wine and also dries out the wine’s cork. Refrigerators have a very low humidity level and vibration storage. These are just two examples of why a wine cooler is your best option if you want to preserve and store your wine for longer.

Storing your wine in a fridge or a cupboard does not preserve your wine correctly. This is because it does not offer the correct features to help keep your wine fresh for longer. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing the benefits of having a wine cooler in your home and much more.

What are The Benefits of a Wine Cooler?

Storing your wine can be complicated, you may be unsure of what the correct temperature to store your wine is as well as how to store it. However, with a wine cooler, you don’t have to be confused anymore!

Wine coolers store your wine at the correct temperature as well as prevent any UV lights from penetrating through the glass. This is important when storing your wine as the UV light emitted from the sun can have a negative impact on your wine leading to a chemical reaction.

The UV light from the sun caused your wine to have a dull taste and can affect the overall quality of your wine within a matter of minutes. This is why you need a wine cooler with tinted glass or UV light protection.

The main function of a wine cooler is to keep your wine cool. Wine fridges come in all different shapes and sizes offering either dual or single temperature control features. But what exactly is the difference between the two? Read on to find out!

Dual Zone Wine Coolers

A dual-zone wine cooler offers different temperatures for both red and white wine. This means that you will have more control over the different temperatures. Red wine needs to be stored at around 12-14 degrees whereas white wine needs to be stored at a slightly warmer temperature of 8-12 degrees.

A dual wine cooler is basically two wine coolers in one. This is due to the fact that you can have different temperatures for certain wines all in one wine cooler.

Single Zone Wine Coolers

Single-zone wine coolers, on the other hand, are recommended if you are only storing one certain type of wine. For example, if you only want to store white or red wine then this wine cooler is recommended for you.

Wine Cooler Features

The wine coolers at Dunavox come with a variety of features to allow you to preserve your wine for a long amount of time. The wine coolers also maintain the quality of your wine to ensure that the quality remains. Some of the features the wine coolers offer include:

  • Dual or single-zone temperature control
  • Vibration-free storing
  • Fan assisted cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Ventilation system

And so much more! Wine coolers come in a range of sizes and are designed to fit seamlessly into your home. Another benefit of wine coolers is that they are stylish and come in different colours to match the interior of your home.


There are many reasons why you need a wine cooler in your home, from humidity features to temperature control, wine coolers have it all. Wine fridges are an excellent choice if you want a high-quality and effective way to store your wine.

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