Whether you’re panicking on what to serve friends at a Christmas gathering, or the idea of cooking ANOTHER turkey on the big day fills you with dread, fear not, the limited-edition Christmas Celebration Pie from Dickinson & Morris is back for another festive season.

This year, the Melton Mowbray pork pie purveyors have teamed up with independent Leicestershire beer brewers and fellow craft master, Round Corner Brewing to release the pairings for pie-fection to take you through the whole Christmas period – from the moment you log off from work right through to New Year’s Eve. 

The traditional, hand-crafted pie, developed by ‘The Pie King’ Calum Franklin, includes a mix of turkey, outdoor-bred pork, smoked ham, Christmas spices and cranberry jelly and is a table showstopper at 1.39kg; meaning there is plenty for your family and friends! 

Whilst many Brits will pull out the chutney and piccalilli this Christmas to pair with their pie, Calum and Lara Lopes, Lead Brewer at Round Corner Brewing, revealed the pie can be paired with far more to compliment and pull out its flavours, as well as making an impression this Christmas season. 

Something a bit more unusual

Pastry chef Calum Franklin comments:‘For those looking to mix up their pie pairings this year, I find a Sri Lankan lime pickle is a great addition. The fresh, zesty tastes pulled through from the pickle only help enhance the flavours of the pie and work great with the cranberries. This is perfect for that Twixmas period, where something a bit different is welcome”

Lara Lopes adds; “As well as lime pickle, oysters are another great option and pair so well with both the pie and stouts. Oysters can even be used in the production of beer, especially stouts, due to their light sweetness and roasted malts, which contrasts really well with the brininess of oysters. Plus, the fresh seafood flavour nicely cuts through the ingredients of the Christmas pie”. 

The number one Christmas pairing

As well as the perfect pie and beer pairings for the festive period, Calum and Lara also shared the absolute perfect pairing of all time. 

“Blue stilton has always gone hand in hand with a pork pie, and it’s no exception for the Dickinson & Morris Christmas pie” Calum comments. “Not only is it another famous import from Melton Mowbray, the strong and flavoursome cheese cuts through the meat in the pie beautifully, adding another powerful taste to your pallet”. 

Lara adds “A pale ale would complement the blue cheese and Christmas pie pairing perfectly. The light flavours bring a freshness to the strong tastes already coming through and washes down the cheese and meats well.”

The Dickinson & Morris Christmas Celebration pie is available from 19th December in Selfridges’ London and Manchester stores, selected Waitrose deli counters and porkpie.co.uk with an RRP of £35. Check out the Round Corner Brewing range online or in their Melton Mowbray brewery. 

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