Gemma Folkardis Founder of Shape Pilates, a popular pilates platform and community. Below, Gemma provides 5 common myths and misconceptions about pilates, from it’s only for women, to it’s expensive and is only for the flexible.

Pilates is for flexible people. Pilates is the place where you get your flexibility back! With a regular practice you will be able to find strength, mobility and flexibility. Every move combines a stretch and strength combination, so there’s no need to warm up or stretch at the end of class, it’s all included in the moves.

Pilates Myths

    Pilates is only for women One of Pilates Myths that is so wrong! Pilates is for every BODY. It was designed by a man, Joseph Pilates, who was a boxer and body builder. As Pilates grows more popular we have seen male boxers taking up the practice, plus famously the Kansas City Chiefs were seen using Pilates in the lead up to winning the Superbowl. Building strength in the powerhouse, which consists of the abdominals, hips and inner thighs is extremely beneficial for explosive movements and preventing injury.

    Pilates is practiced on equipment only…and it’s really expensive!
    It’s pretty common to see people on social media using the Reformer machine or hanging upside down on the Cadillac, but this isn’t the only form of Pilates. The matwork repertoire was created by Joseph Pilates to fit into people’s daily routines wherever they were. Very often, equipment classes are expensive, and the actual machines are hard to get hold of and another hefty investment.
    Mat Pilates is accessible and so effective. Without the push and pull of the equipment it’s often much harder to control your body in space. 

    Pilates Myths

    Pilates is just stretching.
    You will get a good stretch in a Pilates, but probably not in the way you are expecting, and you might not even realise you’re stretching. Instead of isometric (static) stretches Pilates offers a more dynamic way.
    The 2 way stretch requires a hefty load of strength and stability from the center of the body, which makes the moves extremely challenging. A mix of classical and contemporary Pilates is enough to make the strongest of people shake.

    Pilates is just for young people.
    Pilates will take you through every season of your life, from childhood, to young adulthood, to pre and post natal, menopause and into your senior years. Rooted in rehabilitation, and with 6 guiding principles of breath, control, concentration, centering, flow and precision, the practice can be adjusted depending on age, body shape and ability.

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