Dentures are long-lasting teeth replacement solutions that are made from highly durable materials. However, the quality of your denture solution relies heavily on the effort you put into maintaining and caring for them.

A huge part of denture care is ensuring that your dentures get proper and timely repairs when damaged. This is what will ensure that they continue to fit, look and function properly.

Below are 7 signs that indicate the need for immediate denture repairs.

1. Broken Dentures

Emergency Denture RepairIf you accidentally drop or step on your denture, there is a good chance that it will break. This break may occur either on the denture’s base or on one or more replacement teeth. When this happens, it is crucial that you either take the broken denture to a denture clinic for repairs or mail it to a mobile denture repair service. Never attempt to fix a broken denture by yourself, as this can worsen the damage and warrant the need for a total replacement.

2. Difficulty Chewing

One of the main functions of dentures is to restore the normal eating habits of the wearer. This means that your dentures should not cause your any pain or discomfort when chewing. The only exception to this is when you have new dentures, and your mouth is still adjusting. Any chewing difficulties outside this adjustment period are most likely an indication that your dentures need to be refitted immediately.

3. Chipped/Cracked Dentures

Sometimes an accidental dropping will not break your denture tooth entirely. You may notice small chips, pits, or cracks instead. While these defects may not be an immediate threat to the function of your dentures, the sharp and uneven surfaces they create can injure or irritate your mouth’s soft tissues. The cracks and chips may also get bigger over time, thus, making repairs more difficult. Getting immediate repairs is the only way to ensure that these small cracks don’t lead to a bigger issue.

4. A Tooth Completely Detaches From the Denture

If a tooth becomes dislodged from your denture’s base, it is important that you get repairs immediately. Using your dentures with a missing tooth can cause the pressure applied for chewing to become uneven, and this can lead to sore spots in your mouth. The missing tooth will also make it easy for more severe breakages to occur. To avoid these issues, seek emergency denture repair whenever a denture tooth falls out.

Emergency Denture Repair5. Pain and Discomfort

Your dentures should fit snugly around your gums, but they shouldn’t cause you any pain or discomfort. Visit your denturist or denture clinic the moment you start feeling discomfort or pain while wearing your dentures. Other signs you should look out for include; jaw soreness, looseness, oral sores, and uneven pressure on your gums. You should also contact your denturist immediately if you notice sharp pains on or near your canine teeth, as this could be a sign of bone reabsorption.

6. Gum Irritation/Oral Sores

It is normal for your dentures to feel strange when you first start wearing them. After a few weeks, you should become accustomed to them, and they should never cause irritations to your gums. If you, however, notice your dentures causing raw spots, inflammation, or bleeding, then you need to get them to the denture clinic immediately, as there may be a defect in the denture’s surface. The best way to do this is by searching on a search engine like Google for “Denture Repair Near Me.”

7. Changes in Denture Fit

Ideally, your upper denture should suction smoothly to your gums, while the bottom one should float above your gums. For partials, your dentures have to stay in line (with no significant movement) with your natural teeth. If you notice that the fit of your dentures has suddenly changed, then it might be time to get some repairs or adjustments done.


Dentures offer a great solution for teeth replacement, and the best way to ensure that they last for a long period of time is through timely repairs and proper maintenance. The above are some of the tell-tale signs that your dentures are due for repairs.

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