Karen Betts is the UK’s most esteemed permanent makeup and microblading artist and founder of Nouveau Lashes LVL and HD Brows, here she explains the top ageing make-up mistakes she sees in clinic…


The natural look is back in, so pared back make-up looks are what’s needed to bring your look up to date. Today’s make-up is all about subtlety, enhancing natural features and what’s already there to give people the power to feel confident in their own skin.


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Unfortunately, I think there’s still a misconception around permanent make-up, where people still think back to 90’s lip liner which nowadays can look harsh and ageing. A more natural way to enhance the lips is with a ‘microshading’ lip blushing technique where tiny needles are used to implant pigment into these areas. 


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Micro lining the lash line is a subtle way of giving the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes and enhances the natural eye shape but it’s a precision art. Applying micro liner is difficult. Many of us end up doubling the size we intended and winging it with a bolder look, which can be ageing and appear dated.

My latest innovation in permanent make-up, Lash Density, is a new micro-shading technique that intensifies the lash line. Pigment is diffused in between each natural hair, to add subtle depth and colour to the lash line, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes without the need for eyeliner, mascara or extensions. For those with light coloured lashes we can select a more subtle colour as opposed to black to flatter the individual. It really is the epitome of natural looking permanent makeup.


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Brows have been a centre-stage in the latest trends. In terms of permanent make-up, we are wary of brow trends and fashion looks as they won’t suit all faces and can become dated and ageing.

However, innovation and new techniques for enhancing natural brow shapes is something we can fully get behind. With over 947 million views on TikTok, brow lamination is still right on trend and continues to grow every year. We’re still getting a lot of clients wanting it and a lot of professionals wanting to train in it. If done correctly, you can tame the brows and get a great shape. It doesn’t have to be that dramatic laminated look. Brow lamination can make skinnier brows look fuller and fluffier and correct symmetry, or even just tame unruly brows for a more youthful look.

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