From dryness following the menopause, to excess oil during puberty, there’s no doubt about it – our menstrual cycle can play havoc with our skin. That’s why, if your complexion’s been feeling extra erratic lately, there could be a hidden culprit. 

Following anecdotal reports from women who say they’ve experienced changes to their periods post-jab, several research groups are now looking into a connection between the COVID vaccine and menstruation. Five US institutions, including Harvard University, were awarded a total of $1.67 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in September to investigate the link.

There is no cause for concern, according to experts – the World Health Organisation maintains that there is no evidence that the vaccine affects fertility. Other experts have suggested any menstrual changes could be because the jab prompts an increase in immunity system activity, which plays a role in our periods. However an out-of-whack cycle could explain any unexpected crops of blemishes of late.

But have no fear! Here come some kind-to-skin, acne-busting heroes, to the rescue!

Are post-jab periods behind your breakouts? – Faace Period Face Mask (£24)

While this hero treatment won’t sort a topsy-turvy cycle, the expert formulation tackles hormone-induced breakouts and helps restore harmony to an unhappy, indecisive complexion. While most anti-blemish products focus solely on blitzing spots, this clever blend also boasts ingredients to hydrate and calm – meaning that time-of-the-month redness, irritation and all-round temperamental feeling are knocked on the head, too.

Simply leave on as a mask for five minutes, 20 minutes, or overnight, or apply a thin layer as a primer. Period Face will leave skin clearer, calmer and less sensitive. Now, if only it could do the same for our mind…

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Are post-jab periods behind your breakouts? – SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask (£75)

Forget expensive facials, the SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask is a  3-in-1 device that harnesses clinically proven light technology to tackle blemishes while you lounge. Just pop it on for ten minutes, a few times a week, and you’ll start to notice an improvement from as little as three weeks. 

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Are post-jab periods behind your breakouts? – Tisserand Aromatherapy Tea Tree & Aloe Skin Clearing Stick (£5.50)

This targeted treatment gel is perfect for treating blemished skin. With skin-purifying Tea Tree 100% natural pure essential oil, cooling Aloe Vera and natural astringent Witch Hazel, the powerful combination of essential oils helps to soothe & calm minor blemishes & skin irritations.

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Are post-jab periods behind your breakouts? – Sensory Retreats 100% Silk Pillowcase (£69)

Designed to deliver a luxurious sleep and made from the highest quality 100% Mulberry silk, the Sensory Silk Pillowcase helps to reduce fine lines and sleep creases to the face. Plus it also helps skin to retain moisture and prevents “bed head” at the same time, thanks to its smooth surface. Each pillowcase comes with 2 of the best-selling, self-heating eye masks for a wonderful, relaxing sleep ritual. 

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