From flirty to smouldering, here are some of the best valentines day lashes for you to try, including cat eye, baby doll, and open eye lashes.

Best Lash Styles For Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re planning a cute date with your crush, a steamy evening with a partner, or even a galentines night out, everyone wants to look and feel their best on Valentine’s day. And what better way to feel your most confident and sexy than a lash makeover? 

Choosing a new lash style for Valentine’s Day is a great way to pamper yourself a little in the lead-up to the most romantic day of the year. But which lash style should you go for? A trusty old favourite or a glammed-up new look?

Whether you’re looking for ideas before visiting your lash girl or are a lash technician who needs inspiration for your clients’ valentine’s day looks, here are some of the best lash styles for Valentine’s Day 2023. 

Open eye lashes

Subtle but alluring, open eye lashes are perfect for those who want to feel their best with a gorgeous but understated look. As the name suggests, this lash style is all about opening up the eye with length and volume in the centre and shorter extensions in the inner and outer corners. Perfect for fluttering your lashes on a date, this lash look accentuates your irises and can be the ideal finishing touch for a great outfit or makeup look.

This lash style is a favourite among people with hooded or monolid eyes because it can add definition and enhance the natural beauty of this eye shape. If you often find that your carefully applied eyeshadow and eyeliner disappears into your eye crease, open eye lashes are the perfect Valentine’s day style for you.

Doll eye lashes

If you’re going for a cute and feminine Valentine’s day look, doll or baby doll eye lashes are the choice for you. Similar to the open eye style, these have more length across the whole length of the eye, including the inner and outer corners. The longer eyelash extensions at the centre of the eye make your eyes pop – perfect for dreamily gazing at your date over a candle-lit dinner. 

This lash style is perfect for anyone with downturned or wide-set eyes, helping to lift the outer corners and create a stunning effect. Fluffy and alluring, doll eye lashes are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day look, no matter whether you’re going on a hot date or flying solo. 

Want to add a bit of texture to a Doll eye look? Ask your lash tech to make the set wispy by interspersing longer extensions along the lash line. This will add a bit of flirty fun to the look.

Cat eye lashes

No list of the best lash looks would be complete without a mention of cat eye lashes. Sexy and timeless, even if you don’t usually opt for this style Valentine’s day is an excellent time to try it. 

Shorter in the inner corner and longer at the outer corner, a cat eye lash look creates a seductive feline look. For fans of cat eye liner, lashes in this style are a great way to elevate your look as you sip a glass of wine or tuck into some chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

Perfect for people with round eye shapes, cat eye lashes elongate the eyes for a sultry, seductive look. If you have upturned or close-set eyes this lash style is also a great choice, helping accentuate the gorgeous natural shape and create more length.

Fox eye lashes

If you want to go bigger and bolder for the day of love, fox eyes are the best way to go. Think of fox eyes as cat eyes with the volume turned up: bigger, sexier, and more glamorous. 

If you love a cat eye look, fox eye lashes are the perfect choice to bring a little more oomph for this special day. Dramatic and luxurious, this lash style is ideal for a wide range of eye shapes including almond, hooded, and close-set eyes.

Whether you’re heading out for galentines drinks or staying at home with someone special, fox style lashes will make you the centre of attention.  

Natural eye lashes

On the other end of the spectrum, natural lashes are perfect if you want to look effortlessly and naturally stunning on Valentine’s day. For fans of the clean girl aesthetic or lash extension first-timers a natural lash look is the way to go. 

This lash look imitates the natural beauty of your eyelashes with slightly different lengths and only subtle extensions on the outer and inner corners of the eye. Simple and beautiful, this look suits all eye types and is perfect if you want to accentuate your natural eye shape or pair with a bold lip colour.

Regardless of which lash style you choose, the important thing is to pick what makes you feel good. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a committed relationship or happily single – self-love is just as important as romantic love. So treat yourself and choose a stunning new style today!

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