There’s nothing worse than getting a bad night’s sleep. With March 17th marking World Sleep Day, now is the time to really focus on those little luxuries that could help make your sleep the stuff that dreams are made of.

The Hut has put together its favourite products to help you get the good night’s rest that you deserve, from your bedding down to your body care.  

1) AERY Aromatherapy Candle – Sleep Happy – RRP £27.00 (Currently £20.25) 

Unwind your world. Enhance bedtime rituals with essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot & Chamomile, over notes of Patchouli & Orange. 

2) ESPA Restful Night Cream – RRP £32.00 

Transform your bedtime routine with ESPA’s nourishing night cream, designed to leave your skin feeling more balanced and soothed than before. Added Swiss Stone Pine has a soothing presence, as it’s an ingredient that is often used in bedroom furniture due to beliefs about its relaxing oils that promote high-quality rest. 

3) ïn home 100% Cotton Waffle Duvet Set –  RRP From £35.00 (Currently £28.00) 

ïn home’s understated collections aspire to invigorate a sense of calm in your most lived-in spaces. This waffle duvet set is spun from garment-washed cotton, giving it a super soft and worn-in quality that’s enhanced with a textured finish. 

4) ïn home 100% Silk Eyemask – RRP £25.00 (Currently £20.00) 

Enjoy an uninterrupted night of beauty sleep with ïn home’s luxurious silk eye mask. Crafted from 88gsm pure pearlescent silk, experience the restorative benefits of this naturally breathable and hypoallergenic material. The silver sleep mask benefits from a gently elasticated headband to block out intrusive light. 

5) NEOM Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist – RRP £20.00 

Spritz your pillow with natural wellbeing brand NEOM Organic London’s Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist; a scented spray scented with 100% natural fragrance, specially curated to relax your mind and prepare you for a deep and restful slumber. 

6) ïn home Weighted Blanket Grey – RRP From £80.00 (Currently £60.00) 

ïn home’s dove-grey weighted blanket applies a cosy and gentle pressure across your body to help reassure you as you drift to sleep. The idea behind this fluffy comforter is to reduce restlessness and aid relaxation. 

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