Theia Bio launches first supplement in the UK based on clinical research designed to alleviate eye floaters 

Introducing Theia Bio’s Clearer™, the UK’s first supplement with a scientifically proven formula that helps to alleviate eye floaters, a condition that affects many people, especially over the age of 35. The formula contains a blend of clinically tested antioxidants and antiglycation micronutrients that counteract oxidative stress and protein glycation, the main causes of eye floaters.

The ground-breaking clinical study was published last year in TVST (Translational Vision Science & Technology) *.

Eye floaters are black spots and squiggly lines that float around in one’s vision. They are caused by clumps of collagen fibre that drift in the vitreous humour of the eyes and cast shadows on the retinae. Healthy vitreous humour is a uniformly transparent gel, but ageing, lifestyle factors, and environmental stressors such as UV light can trigger oxidative stress and protein glycation, which cause collagen to clump together and the vitreous humour to degenerate. 

Eye floaters can cause discomfort, distraction, and frustration on a daily basis, as they often appear when one is looking at a computer or phone screen, reading a book or document on brightly lit paper, or driving in sunny, blue-sky weather. 

Options for getting rid of eye floaters are limited, and procedures such as vitrectomy and nd:YAG laser involve risks that outweigh the benefits. Theia Bio’s Clearer™ supplement offers a natural but effective solution that helps people address annoying floaters by just taking one capsule a day. The supplement’s ingredients tackle the root causes of eye floaters by increasing vitreous antioxidant capacity and inhibiting protein glycation, and the formulation has been clinically proven to lead to a significant reduction in both subjective visual discomfort and visual opacity areas caused by floaters in about 70% of test subjects over a course of six months. The ingredients include: 

  • Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage and counteracts oxidative stress. Research suggests that it may also lower the risk of developing cataracts and slow the progression of macular degeneration.
  • Grape seed extracts – contain potent antioxidant compounds called proanthocyanins, which can scavenge free radicals, inhibit glycation, and protect the eyes from oxidative damage. They also have a protective effect on lens epithelia and retinal photoreceptor cells. 
  • L-lysine – an essential amino acid that prevents collagen glycation. It may also help to prevent the development of cataracts. The body is unable to synthesise it, so it has to be obtained from diet or supplementation. 
  • Bitter orange extracts – contain hesperidin, which can inhibit the formation of cross-linking advanced glycation end products in collagen. 
  • Zinc – has antioxidant and antiglycation properties. It also helps with the production of melanin, which protects the eyes. Some evidence suggests that it may help to slow the progression of macular degeneration. 

People without eye floaters can also benefit from this blend of antioxidants and antiglycation micronutrients, which protect the eyes from oxidative stress and the deleterious effects of ageing. Furthermore, Clearer™ contains lutein and zeaxanthin, which support macular health and defend the eyes against free radicals, blue and UV lights, and age-related eye diseases. Research suggests that they may also improve visual performance and alleviate negative symptoms associated with excessive screen time. 

Thanks to its research-driven formula, healthcare practitioners also trust the product and would recommend it to patients living with eye floaters. Registered Nutritionist, Shona Wilkinson said: “Clearer is an excellent new product to the market. I am pleased to see that the combination of ingredients is research-driven and in therapeutic dosages. Of particular interest are the products’ ingredients to help tackle eye floaters. The product was formulated according to peer-reviewed research regarding eye floaters. Research was conducted on lysine, vitamin C, zinc and Citrus aurantium.  The results showed that patients reported a significant decrease in their visual discomfort from floaters compared to the placebo group who had no significant change in their visual discomfort.  Clearer was formulated to ensure a good intake of nutrients required to help with eye floaters.”

Theia Bio’s founder, Kawa Wong, suffered from eye floaters and knew well the psychological discomfort and eye health threat this condition could cause.

He said: “I have suffered from eye floaters for most of my life. They were distracting and annoying, especially when I was reading or when I was looking at an otherwise beautiful clear sky. When I came across a clinical trial that had amazing results, I was very excited, and I decided to bring the supplement formulation to market. Working with nutritionists, I added lutein and zeaxanthin to the formulation so that the product could also improve macular health and help with issues related to digital screen use. I take Clearer every day to improve and protect my vision.” 

Theia Bio Clearer™ is available in a one-month bottle (£29.99 for 30 days’ supply) and a six-month bundle (£139.99, saving £40), from the Theia Bio website, or  

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