Going back to their roots, Dr. Bronner’s has relaunched it’s ‘Pure-Castile Soap’ range, back to it’s All-One Magic Soap, a label of which many customers across the globe love and know the brand by.

With the iconic, world-famous, and award-winning soaps being so much more than any one thing, whether that’s pure-castile, organic or fair trade, you name it, the only way to best describe the completely unique soaps is by calling them exactly what they are: magic

Available in nine different scents, the All-One Magic Soap range features:

 Dr. Bronner’s
  • Peppermint: Scented with pure peppermint oil, this fragrance is cooling, tingling, and refreshing. With a powerful minty burst, it’s sure to clear sinuses, sharpen the mind and awaken the body, especially during a morning shower this summer!
  • Eucalyptus: Think: a warm burst of menthol with a pure scent of eucalyptus oil. With its invigorating woodsy aroma, this versatile soap clears congestion and enhances focus.
  • LavenderAnd calm. This relaxing and calming fragrance soothes both the mind and body with its pure French lavender extract.
  • Rose: For a delicate and comforting scent, this citrusy rose is the one to reach for. With notes of lavender and bergamot, hints of sweetness will come through with every lather. 
  • Cherry Blossom: Half cherry, half blossom, and a whole lot of cheerful! This is a brightening scent with fruity, floral notes to uplift anyone using it. 
  • Tea Tree: More of a therapeutic scent, this woodsy and herbal soap is great for cleansing the mind, body, and soul. With notes of pine, this one is perfect to pour into a bubble bath during winter. 
  • Citrus-Orange: Featuring pure citrus oils, the fresh and bright fragrance of this soap is zesty, just like an orange peel!
  • Almond: One of the more warming of scents, this sweet almond soap gently soothes the body. A home comfort, it’s sweet like marzipan or amaretto. 
  • Baby Unscented: For a more mild and gentle scent that is both simple yet nourishing, go for baby unscented. Fragrance-free, this one is great for babies.

Dr. Bronner’s soaps can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks including, those of the body, face, and hair, but also pets, kitchen surfaces, cars, floors, and more – you name it, there’s nothing this Magic Soap cannot handle! They can even be utilised for a variety of beauty hacks including freshening up make up brushes, soap brows, DIY face mask and even shaving foam – much loved by popular make-up artist Jamie Genevieve herself.

All-One Magic Soaps start from £2.79 and can be purchased online here

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