Sun, pollen, heat…. the expert’s guide to looking after your eyes this summer

While summer is for living your best life, all that fun can leave unwanted tell-tale signs on your face.

Not only do we tend to squint more in the summer accelerating the appearance of fine lines, harmful UV rays wreak further damage and hay fever prone eyes can become sensitive and weary. So what do the experts advise?

Here to help with some summer eye care tips is skin doctor, Dr Lauren Hamilton and optometrist,

According to the skin doctor…

“The skin around your eyes is super thin, and sadly it only gets thinner as you age,’ explains Dr Lauren. ‘The result is that it loses elasticity and has less support, so the delicate area shows signs of ageing faster. When it comes to summer skincare, I always advise patients to make sure that they apply SPF to the upper and lower lids as this helps to protect against harsh UV rays which further degenerate cells.”

Perk up peepers with active ingredients

“Actives are also really important,” advises Dr Lauren. “First identify your skin concern, be it fine lines, dry skin or dark circles and chose ingredients that target accordingly. For dark circles, brightening ingredients and tyrosinase inhibitors such as vitamin C and azelaic acid are useful. Not only a pick me up come morning, caffeine infused products also work wonders for summer induced eye puffiness due to its vasoconstrictive properties. This means that it reduces swelling and prevents fluid from stagnating around the eyes. Plus it also contains anti-inflammatory properties.”

Hydration is key

“As the super-thin-skin around the eye appears smoother when adequately hydrated, it’s always useful to apply topical hydration. Hyaluronic Acid is a powerhouse for eye care when it comes to hydrating this delicate area” Dr Lauren explains. “You may be on holiday, but it’s also important to encourage skin to produce as much collagen as possible which is where ceramides and vitamins are key. I always advise Vitamins B3 (otherwise known as Niacinamide), A, C and E as these are integral to keeping skin healthy”.

According to the eye doctor…

“Summer is key time for hay fever, and the best way to defend eyes from pollen is to create a layer of protection,” says Nicola. “The natural way to do this is to create tears,” Nicola adds, and Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray, £15 / 17ml (approx. 300 doses), can help. It uses Sea Buckthorn Oil, designed to lock in the moisture of tears and naturally protect eyes from drying over time. It also contains Sodium Hyaluronate to strengthen tears at a cellular level for better hydration throughout the day. Simply hold the spray 15-20 cm from the face and spritz across closed eyes, applying 1-2 times per eye. The Instant Relief Eye Spray can be used up to 4 times per day, or as often as needed.

Cleanse with care

If eyes are irritated from summer ailments such as SPF or salt water, it may be tempting to rinse the pain away but you could end up causing more harm than good, especially when using soap or cleansers. “Fragrance, alcohol, preservatives and even essential oils can cause issues when used on already-irritated eyes,” warns Nicola. Instead treat eyes to Peep Club’s 100% organic Soothing Summer Coconut Eye Balm, £25. It’s free from all known eye irritants, and instead is packed with antibacterial coconut and soothing chamomile. The star of the balm, however, has to be cureberry. Lauded as a powerful antioxidant, this superhero ingredient helps shield the eye area from external aggressors, pollen included.

Dr Lauren is a cosmetic doctor and co-founder of Victor & Garth skin and wellness clinic. Nicola Alexander-Cross is an optometrist and co-founder of eye care brand, Peep Club. Both are available for expert comment.

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