Exposure to extreme levels of UVA and UVB can leave skin feeling tighter and slightly more sensitised no matter how much SPF you’ve slathered on.

Sensitive skin specialists at Pai Skincare recommend a rejuvenating five-step routine to help undo any damage and ease your skin back to its usual self.

Double cleanse at night to unclog pores and remove all traces of SPF

If you’ve been using SPF and oil based moisturisers, oil based cleansers are best as oil adheres to oil. Pai’s multi-award winning Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil is a favourite of beauty editors and celebrities. Formulated for sensitive skin and eyes, this soothing face cleansing oil melts away impurities.

How oil based cleansers work

Oil cleansers attach themselves to excess sebum and the oils in your make-up to lift them off the skin. Allowing either to build up on the skin can cause acne, so making sure you banish these impurities properly is essential in preventing blemishes.

How to use
Once massaged in, adding water emulsifies the oil. When washed away, the day’s dirt is removed with it. Powered by regenerative Rosehip Oil, Light Work is a sting-free formula leaving skin feeling soft, nourished and radiant.

About Rosehip Fruit Extract
Rosehip Oil is much more than just a glow-giver. In its purest form – like Pai’s – it’s like giving your skin a full ‘under the hood’ service.
Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 do the repair job, while antioxidant carotenoids protect from further damage.

Follow with a cream-based cleanser to gently remove any last traces, such as the delectable Middlemist Seven gentle cream cleanser. A cult favourite, Pai’s cream cleanser lifts away dirt and makeup with ease, while protecting the skin’s delicate oil and PH balance.

Middlemist Seven Key ingredients
CAMELLIAA prized oil from the seeds of the Camellia flower.Rich in Omega 6 and anti-ageing polyphenol antioxidants, it leaves skin moist and supple, never stripped.
ROSEDamask Rose Otto oil, the ultimate of rose oils.With a heavenly scent, it helps the skin to hold onto moistureSupports sun damaged, irritated and dull skin.
Beauty woman clean healthy skin natural make up spa concept long smooth hair

Replenish with a serum

Serums work by penetrating the epidermis and acting from the bottom up. Look for rehydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and formulations with a low molecular weight to penetrate the epidermis like Back To Life from Pai.

Back to Life
Contains natural Hyaluronic Acid for hydration, and antioxidant-rich berriesto protect against moisture loss, locking in hydration for long-lasting results.Dryness feels reduced and skin feels more smooth and supple*After just two weeks dry patches appear reduced. Skin feels less tight, more comfortable, supple and smoother.
*Over 80% agreed in independent trial of 102 users.

Repair with Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Oil is highly regenerative. While creams and serums can provide plenty of hydration, Rosehip Oil goes one step further by adding moisture and sealing it in. Essential fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acid help your skin to retain water for longer, keeping it soft and supple. With a nourishing, non-greasy texture, it helps to boost elasticity and condition the skin from within. Pai’s Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil uses the whole fruit for a superior oil.

Pai Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil protects against sun damage
Boost your defences and skin regeneration by incorporating powerful antioxidants into your skincare routine.
Pai Skincare’s Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil contains high levels of vitamin E (known as Tocopherol) and carotenoidsBoth are antioxidants which help to provide protection against free radicals, as well as working hard to soothe sun damage that’s caused by UV exposure.


If you feel you need a more targeted formulation whilst your skin is in recovery mode, consider switching up to a cream designed for sun-damaged skin.

Pai’s British Summer Time After Sun is a light and soothing cream-gel hybrid for sun-stressed skin. 

British Summer Time After Sun
Fast-absorbing, cooling, fresh sensation of a gel, and a caring, creamy twist to nourish and hydrate
Organic Sea Buckthorn and Oatmeal help relieve sunburned skinVitamin E-rich Avocado Oil replenishes from within
Fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and packed with prebiotic Inulin, it’s ideal for sensitive skin


Treat with a Vitamin C booster

To increase the effectiveness of your SPF. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps fight free radicals from outside aggressors including sun damage.

Apply 1-2 drops directly to skin after your moisturiser, as the last step of your routine. Alternatively, blend a couple of drops with your moisturiserserum or face oil. If your skin is on the extra sensitive side, start with 1 drop blended into your skincare product of choice. Gradually build up to using the full amount or applying neat as your skin becomes stronger.

Pai’s Vitamin C Booster contains stabilised Vitamin C at a level of 20%, so a small drop will go a long way
It’s slow-releasing throughout the dayThis is better for sensitive skin, and better to prevent free radical damage over the course of a day
Having Vitamin C in your routine will help the skin stay looking plump and smooth

The essential summer skin repair kit from Pai Skincare

Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil from £18, Middlemist Seven from £19 with cloth, Back To Life £44, Bioregenerate Rosehip Oil from £16, British Summer Time After Sun £24, Stabilised Vitamin C 20% Brightening Booster, £19.

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